Types of towels. What kind of towels are there?

Types of towels. What kind of towels are there?

  • The world of towels is diverse. There are bath towels, towels for the face, hands, feet, kitchen towels.

    Terry towels are subdivided according to the method of drawing. Such towels are: printed, one-colored, jacquard plain and multi-colored, multi-colored jacquard with a printed pattern.

    Kitchen towels are also divided into printed, terry, waffle.

    There are also wedding, massage, children's rooms.

  • I will not repeat myself, opponents have already listed many types of towels,

    I would just like to add one of the types - this is a Chinese bath towels with a bright landscape or a girl, while serving in the PV in the eighties of the last century, we bought them as gifts to our parents, they were catchy in appearance and very practical and durable

  • Every woman desires to master the art of housekeeping. We all want the house to be not only beautiful, but also everything rationally organized and convenient for our family. It would seem that the question is simple: how many towels do you need to have in the house? Which ones to buy? Let's try to deal with this issue.

    A towel is a universal thing, and there should be a sufficient number of them in our house. In one large group, they are divided into subgroups.

    Kitchen towels

    They have a low pile density and are indispensable for wiping dishes and hands. They can also cover ready meals or vegetables. Kitchen towels are of several types, waffle, linen or paper. 40x60 cm is the optimal size for these products.

    Bath towels

    The largest bath towels. They are soft, fluffy, warm, and will allow you to wrap most of your body in them. They are entirely made of cotton, absorb moisture by kneading, and dry quickly enough.

    Towels for face, hands, feet.

    These are products of medium size, very soft, made of dense fabric or terry. These towels are for individual use, except for hand towels it can be shared. The foot towel can be rubberized on one side, this property will protect you from falling on slippery tiles.

    Beach towels

    These large to medium sized towels are used as bedding on the sand or on a sun lounger. The products are not very practical, therefore, it is not recommended to use them as a bathhouse

    Terry sheets

    They have various sizes from 150x200 cm to 175x250 cm. And they can be used after a sauna, bath, on the beach after swimming, and the sheet can also be used as a blanket on hot summer days.

    Baby towels are bright, decorated with appliques, made of terry cloth.

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