Victoria Romanets and Alexander Lipovoy. When is the wedding?

Victoria Romanets and Alexander Lipovoy. When is the wedding?

  • There is no talk of a wedding yet, since the relationship arose quite recently. But I really want such a bright girl like Vika Romanets to have true love and she would not return to this project called House 2 anymore.

    It remains to monitor the developing relationship of the couple. They have everything for a happy life and wait for the message of the wedding.

  • There will be no wedding. For fans agree that Romanets will soon return to the project. And all this relationship with Alexander is just PR. Apparently the creators of the project decided to stir up interest in the program. So they sent Romanets out of the project for a while. So we will follow the news on the Internet - the media will probably monitor this novel.

    PS: There are also those who believe in the wedding. If the wedding takes place, then not earlier than 2017.

  • Victoria Romanets left the House-2!

    And she did it voluntarily, being the absolute star of the television project. Not everyone ends their career at the peak of fame.

    Although, it is believed that she will return.

    According to Victoria herself, she found her love in life - this is the world kickboxing champion Alexander Lipovoy.

    We are not talking about a wedding yet. So far, we only know that they have a relationship.

    But, I do not exclude that the couple will later announce the date, time and place of the wedding.

  • The current chosen one of Victoria Romanets, kickboxer Alexander Lipovoy.

    The man is a successful athlete, entrepreneur, he is 39 years old. The acquaintance took place recently, on the set of an advertisement.

    There are a lot of common photos of the couple, but we are not talking about the wedding yet. Give the guys time to get used to each other.

    I sincerely do not want to believe that Victoria will return to the House 2 project, it seems to me that she has already outgrown it.

  • Victoria Romanets left the project urgently, because she realized that she had nothing to do on the TV set and announced to everyone that she was leaving the perimeter to her new boyfriend. Before that, she boasted to her fans that she had been given a car, and hinted at a new fan.

    a photo

    But now everything became clear, she went beyond the perimeter in her new man, he is an athlete and his name is Alexander Lipovoy. The man was born in 1976, and he is the world champion in the sport of kickboxing. He moved to Moscow not so long ago, in 2011.

    It's too early to talk about their wedding, as long as there is no talk about it anywhere. She recently met him, and most likely now this relationship will be tested.

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  • In this (and similar) case, it is better to discuss the wedding AFTER (the wedding itself :).

    House-ears 2 - people, frankly speaking, are not serious. "Clowns".

    For them, leaving the project, then returning, announcing the wedding, being pregnant, canceling the wedding, being pregnant from another - as there is nothing to do.

    So in this case, leaving the project to Alexander Lipovy does not mean getting married soon :).

  • Victoria Romanets, a participant in the Dom-2 project, recently upset her fans by leaving the TV show for her new boyfriend. According to various publications, Romanets is now building a relationship with the fighter Alexander Lipov. Instagram media Victoria is gradually filled with photos of various content, proving, it seems, that the matter is going to the wedding. While all the publics are silent about the exact date. In order not to miss the event, you should subscribe to any Romanets channel on any social network. As soon as the date is announced, she will of course share this with everyone.

  • There is no question of a wedding! This is House-2, people from there tend to have different relationships many times. leaving the project and going back there, and a lot of shit. So Victoria Romanets has gone beyond the perimeter so far, wants to be with a new guy, Aleksnadr Lipov. But this does not mean at all that love will not end as quickly as it began.

    Victoria Romanets and Alexander Lipovoy. When is the wedding?

  • There is no talk of a wedding yet, and I don’t think it will take place at all. I, frankly, do not take seriously any of the relationships of the participants of House-2 at all, they are so used to doing everything on camera - sorting out the relationship, having sex, shaking dirty laundry, that it is difficult to believe in the sincerity of their feelings. Romanets did not manage to get married on the project, and she went beyond the perimeter to a new man. It is possible that she will be back soon.

  • All fans and fans of Victoria Romanets are worried about her fate, and of course they all want this long-awaited wedding with a happy ending in her life to take place as soon as possible.

    But the laws of show business and life are such that it is not so simple. If speech and announcements about the wedding did not follow immediately, then one should not expect serious action in the near future.

    Most likely, the heroes of this situation will take a long time to definitely prove their intentions. Of course, there is also a material issue here. Why not have a wedding too. But how many positive emotions and public attention there will be.

    Victoria Romanets and Alexander Lipovoy. When is the wedding?

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