Does the destiny of the child affect the desires or desires of the parents?

Does the destiny of the child affect the desires or desires of the parents?

  • Unplanned and unwanted pregnancies often occur for the expectant mother or father. You really can't envy such a kid. He will not please his parents, even if he is the best child in the world. Many women do not think why in the early stages or the entire pregnancy in a row they are tormented by toxicosis. And this is nothing more than a subconscious unwillingness to have a child, rejection and unwillingness. After the birth of a child, parents can love him and then he has every chance of being happy. Or they may never accept.

  • If the term "good parents" means that they spoiled the child, then they are simply loving parents, but not necessarily good ones.

    And irresponsible parents do not always have good children, but most often they grow up independent, since in childhood they had to rely only on themselves. But after all, loving parents can teach their children independence, just in this case, such parents are worried that their children do not "break the wood" and lisp with their child, as a result, the child grows up as an egoist.

    Usually, children whose children did not want to be offended at the world and they often have mental disorders.

    In general, I advise everyone to have babies only at will! and properly educate, read books, consult with psychologists, you can take courses in family psychology, and then the desired children will not be spoiled and will grow up as wonderful people.

  • One person close to me was an unwanted child. His parents got married due to the fact that his mother became pregnant; all his life before the divorce, his parents were unhappy in marriage. The mother did not love the first son, did not pay enough attention to him, then gave birth to daughters, whom she loved much more. The son was an outcast in the family, he could never please, his daughters teased him to the point of rage, then they fled to complain to their parents, who punished their son.

    This man did not value his life, became addicted to alcohol, drove a car at high speed. He still has difficulties in communicating with other people, he avoids society.

    He was very offended at his mother, left home after graduating from school, did not communicate with his mother for a long time. The relationship improved slightly after the psychotherapy sessions.

  • I read a study once. If a pregnant mother does not want a child, then when he grows up, he can subconsciously take revenge for an insult. I think that you are partially wrong: children can be both bad and good in any family.

  • It all depends not on whether you wanted a child or did not want at the moment of conception, but on the conditions in which he lives and is brought up. And here many factors can influence. For example, good parents have a problem child, because they just spoiled him. And bad parents have a normal child, as he is raised by his grandparents. etc.

An unwanted child is an influence on fate. Parents wanted a boy, a girl was born. Family psychology

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