What should not be done in the early stages of pregnancy, and what is simply necessary?

When a woman finds out that in the near future she will become a mother, she asks a lot of questions. One of the main is the following: what should not be done in the early stages of pregnancy?

If a woman has already had to deal with such an interesting situation, then she probably knows the answer to this question. Also, the fair sex should know what to do during pregnancy. Let's try to understand these two points and find out how to behave while carrying a child.

what not to do in early pregnancy

Early pregnancy

To begin with, it is worth saying what time period is called early pregnancy. Immediately after the fertilization of the female cell with the sperm, the zygote begins to divide continuously. At the same time, the cells move towards the genital organ.

When the ovum reaches the uterus, it is securely attached to its wall and begins to grow. From this time on, we can say that pregnancy has come. Usually this period is equal to three or four obstetric weeks. In the next two months, doctors will tell you that you are in an early pregnancy.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that early pregnancy is the period from three to ten weeks of embryo development. It is at this time that your unborn child is called a fetus.

you can do fluorography during pregnancy

How to behave at the beginning of pregnancy?

If you visit your doctor during this period, he will tell you what not to do in the early stages of pregnancy. It is necessary to clearly remember all the restrictions and adhere to them. The specialist will also tell you what you can do during pregnancy. We will formulate and outline the basic rules of behavior for a woman in an interesting position.

What shouldn't be done in early pregnancy?

It is worth noting that many actions that are allowed for an ordinary person are absolutely contraindicated for a woman preparing to become a mother.

it is harmful to do ultrasound during pregnancy


The first thing that cannot be done in the early stages of pregnancy is to carry out any medication. If you get sick or catch a common cold, you need to give up even the most harmless nose drops. All appointments must be made by a doctor. There are drugs that are allowed at the beginning of pregnancy, but they can be taken only after consulting a gynecologist.

Any antimicrobial drugs and antibiotics are absolutely contraindicated. If there is a need for such treatment, then it is postponed until later in pregnancy.

Medical examinations

There are a number of examinations that are prohibited at the very beginning of pregnancy. Quite often, expectant mothers ask: "Can fluorography be done during pregnancy?" The answer of experts to this question is unanimous: "It is impossible." Immediately after childbirth, all women undergo this examination, but during pregnancy it is contraindicated.

What can you say about gynecological manipulations? Is colposcopy done during pregnancy? Such manipulation is also prohibited. Any examination of the cervix and the inner surface of the genital organ is postponed until after childbirth.

Also, at the very beginning of pregnancy, X-rays cannot be done. This only applies to situations where this procedure can be avoided. For example, in dental treatment. If you fell and there is a suspicion of a fracture, then the doctor can carry out such a manipulation, taking into account all the risks.

what can be done during pregnancy

Bad habits

The next item, which should not be done in the early stages of pregnancy, is to stick to your bad habits. If you smoked and drank alcohol before conception, then it's time to give up all of this.

In the early stages of pregnancy, all the vital organs of the unborn baby are formed. If at this time there is a negative impact of toxic substances on a small organism, then the consequences can be dire. Be responsible and quit smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol and all harmful substances.

What can and should be done while waiting for the baby?

Now you know what is undesirable to do during pregnancy. There are things that are not only allowed, but are simply necessary in the early stages. Let's figure out what they are.

Do colposcopy during pregnancy

Medical examinations

Many ladies who are expecting a baby ask doctors: "Is it harmful to do an ultrasound scan during pregnancy?" It is harmful not to do ultrasound.

While waiting for the baby, the woman undergoes three planned examinations, during which the doctor examines her baby on the screen of the ultrasound machine. This manipulation helps to identify various pathologies of the development of the embryo and eliminate them in time. If there is evidence of such inspections, there may be more. Refusal of examinations exposes a woman to great risk, since neither she nor the doctors know about the condition of the fetus and how the pregnancy proceeds.

Физическая активность

What exercises should you do during pregnancy in order to maintain your health and keep your baby safe?

Recently, the following areas are very common: yoga and fitness for pregnant women. A woman can choose what is right for her. Also, doctors recommend swimming throughout the entire period. This will help keep the body in good shape and prepare for childbirth. The exception is those cases when there is a threat of termination of pregnancy.

what is undesirable to do during pregnancy

Drug administration

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is very important to eat well and take the necessary vitamins. In most cases, doctors will prescribe a woman to take folic acid. It is she who participates in the formation of organs and tissues, and also helps the neural tube to close on time and correctly.

In addition, the expectant mother needs iodine for the thyroid gland to function properly. Your doctor may also recommend taking magnesium, iron, and potassium. Many experts prefer to immediately prescribe a complex of vitamins to a pregnant woman, rather than single preparations containing useful trace elements.


The expectant mother must carefully follow the rules of hygiene. Hands should be washed more often. This will help avoid intestinal infections and viruses.

It is also necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the genitals. After all, the appearance of bacteria in them can threaten the infection of the fetus. Use panty liners if necessary. They will help you feel comfortable.

Proper nutrition

While waiting for the child, you need to eat right. This condition applies not only to early pregnancy. It is necessary for the entire period of bearing a baby to consume a large amount of vitamins (fruits and vegetables), useful minerals and trace elements.

Drink fresh juices and get more rest. Whenever possible, try to spend a lot of time outdoors. The baby now needs a lot of oxygen for the proper development and formation of all organs.


Now you know how to behave while waiting for your baby. Always remember what you can and should do. Pregnancy fluorography, x-rays and other examinations that can damage a tiny body should be postponed for a while. Be attentive to yourself and always follow the advice of your doctor.

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