What is the difference between the British Fold and the Scottish Fold. How do British kittens differ from Scottish ones?

Among those who are just going to have a kitten, but are not yet fully versed in breeds, there is an opinion that both British and Scottish representatives of the feline family are lop-eared. But this opinion is wrong. Specialists of the animal cattery, where, by and large, you should buy a pet, will definitely confirm that these are absolutely two different breeds, and only Scottish kittens are fold-eared, while the British always have straight ears. Now it's worth figuring out how Scottish and British cats differ. For the breeder, the difference between the two is obvious.

British shorthair cat. History of the origin of the breed

Plush due to its thick short coat, the clumsy British kitten looks like a small bear cub. But already in adulthood, he becomes a rather large self-sufficient cat, the real master of his home. British cats in their mental development are somewhat similar to dogs. They are just as strong and loyal. It was the representative of the British breed that served as the prototype for the famous Cheshire cat from the book "Alice in Wonderland" by L. Carroll.

what is the difference between the British Fold and the Scottish Fold

The first British cats were brought to England two thousand years ago. But the breed became popular much later. This happened in 1871, when a representative of the British species won the first cat show organized in England.

Appearance and behavior of the British

What do cats and cats of this breed look like? Strongly built, broad-boned, muscular, round head, short neck - such are the standard British. Their ears are straight, of medium size, their eyes are large, round, and their paws are short and strong. The coat of the representatives of this breed is short with a thick undercoat, to the touch it is not so much fluffy as plush. And one more important point: a British cat is always larger and larger than a Scotsman. This should be known to those who are interested in the differences between British cats and kittens from the Scottish representatives.

what is the difference between the British Fold and the Scottish Fold

Balanced, calm, not very talkative - these are animals of the British breed. But at the same time, they always stand up for their master, are devoted to the house. In case of impending danger, they can rush into battle. These cats get along well with different pets. Little kittens are funny and funny, affectionate and playful. Children especially like them.

Lovely Scots (Scottish Fold)

The Scottish Fold cat was bred forty years ago, namely in 1961. It happened in Scotland. And a few hundred years before this event, the first mentions of cats with curled ears that lived in China appeared. The reason for the birth of a cat with such an unusual structure of the ears was a gene mutation.

What is the difference between a Scottish cat and a British Fold?

What is special in the appearance of the representatives of the Scottish Fold breed, why do you have to think about how the British Fold differs from the Scottish Fold?

Animals of this breed have a strong constitution, short massive legs and a short neck, thick wool, soft to the touch. The special value lies in the ears. The more they are bent and more cover the ear opening, the better and more expensive the representatives of this breed are. It depends on what kind of ears the kitten is born with, which group it will belong to: show, breeding or home. Curiously, Scottish Fold kittens can be born with different colored eyes.

What kittens are born? Who are Scottish Straights?

After the first kitten was born with cute bent ears and eyes, like an owlet, the demand for such animals began to grow rapidly. Everyone who saw this unusual creature immediately wanted to buy such a pet. But breeding Scottish Fold kittens turned out to be difficult. Babies born to lop-eared parents had not only bent ears, but also problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Therefore, it was decided to cross cats and cats of the Scottish Fold breed with the British Shorthair. In one litter, both fold-eared and straight-eared kittens were born. It was the animals with straight ears that laid the foundation for a new breed - the Scottish Shorthair, or Scottish Straight.

how do Scottish Fold kittens differ from British

Perhaps the crossing of Scots with representatives of the oldest English breed was the reason for calling the kittens that are born in such a litter British Fold. So what's the difference? In fact, the question "how does the British Fold differ from the Scottish Fold cat" is formulated incorrectly. The thing is that British Fold cats simply do not exist. But there are Scottish Fold (Scottish Fold) and Scottish Straight (Scottish Straight).

Exceptional Scottish Fold Traits

In addition to their exotic appearance, Fold Scots have some behavioral features. Having studied them, you will understand how the Scottish Fold differs from the British cat.

First of all, representatives of the Scottish Fold breed are affectionate and gentle. They are calm. It is difficult to imagine that such a cute "owlet" could offend or scratch a child. The Scots love communication, miss the owner while he is not at home, and joyfully greet him when he returns from work. Some representatives of the breed can be quite shy, so it is better to get a kitten at the age of three or four months for a family with children.

What is the difference between the British Fold and the Scottish Fold cat? Special ears

When kittens are born as a result of mating between straight British and Fold Scots, it is not yet possible to determine which ears they will have. From birth to four weeks is the longest for a breeder. During this period, the auricles are formed, and it will soon become clear which kittens turned out: Scottish Folds or Scottish Straights. This is how the Scottish cat differs from the British one. Lop-eared Scots do not immediately acquire their special ears. Along with this, the British can only be straight-eared.

what is the difference between the Scottish Fold and the British cat

Up to six weeks of age, the auricles in kittens are considered fully formed. But their bend in Scottish folds is also different. If it is simple, then the tips of the ears are only slightly tilted forward. With double and triple folds, they fit tightly to the head, like a hat. This option is the most desirable for the breeder. It is these kittens that often become winners of all kinds of cat shows.

Differences in appearance and behavior of British and Scottish cats

Of course, the main difference between the representatives of these two breeds is the ears. Otherwise, the difference is not very significant. Well, except that the British are a little larger than the Scots, their neck is a little shorter, and there is a large fold on it. How do British kittens differ from Scottish ones? Perhaps the Scottish Folds and Scottish Straights have eyes set slightly wider than those of the English breed. There is also a slight difference in the nature of the animals.

What is the difference between the British Fold and the Scottish Fold in behavior? Scottish folds are the most affectionate and gentle, more suitable for families with small children. They are also easier to train and even without it they like to stand on their hind legs on their own.

what is the difference between Scottish and British cats

British kittens are more reserved and calm. But there are cases when representatives of such a breed even attacked guests, from whom ill will emanated in relation to their owner. This is due to the fact that British and Scots are very attached to the home and devoted to the family. By this trait of their character, they are a bit like dogs. Only calm Scots are incapable of such active action as British cats.

Health and Care

As you know, Scottish Fold cats and cats cannot be crossed with each other, otherwise small pets born from such a union have problems with the skeleton and musculoskeletal system. This feature of the breed determines the difference between Scottish Fold kittens and British ones.

Representatives of the English breed, as well as Scottish Straights, whose ears are straight, do not have health problems, and they usually live for 15-20 years. But the owners of hanging ears should take a closer look. Often, the gene due to which cats of this breed have such special ears makes itself felt, and problems with motor function may arise. Sometimes there are bone diseases that cause severe pain to the pet.

differences between British cats and kittens from Scottish

There are features in the care. Here is another difference between the British Fold and the Scottish Fold. Animal hair care, however, is almost the same. Here a metal brush with rounded teeth will come to the rescue, bathing - at least once a month and a half.

Special attention should be paid to hanging ears, which attract the attention of harmful insects such as fleas and ticks. Actions such as regularly examining the ears and wiping them with alcohol or soapy water will effectively solve this problem.


So, you need to remember how the British Fold differs from the Scottish Fold cat. Hanging ears can only be Scottish cats, and these are Scottish Folds. Scots can be straight-eared, then this breed is called Scottish Straight.

British cats are never lop-eared. Purebred British can only be born from a cat and a cat of the same species. The correct information will help you make the right choice when choosing a kitten and get the desired pet.

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