What is fiberglass, where is it used?

What is fiberglass, where is it used?

  • Fiberglass is a fabric woven from filaments obtained from fiberglass. The main qualities are strength, incombustibility and rotting resistance. In its pure form, it is used as a wrapping material in places with conditions for decay (for example, it is used to wrap insulation of pipes laid underground) and as a wrapping material for sound-absorbing materials. In most cases, fiberglass is used as a reinforcing component of composite materials. It is used for the manufacture of fiberglass printed circuit boards, for the manufacture of light composite boats, etc.

  • Fiberglass is a fabric made from fine glass fibers. Often impregnated with various polymers that provide glass fabric with unique properties. Since fiberglass fibers are made from pure silica with additions of aluminum and boron, fiberglass is non-combustible and heat-resistant, resistant to water, acids (most) and alkalis. Overalls are sewn from it for firefighters, for people associated with working with acids. Fiberglass is also used in spacecraft, where its heat resistance and heat-insulating properties are used. High insulating properties of fiberglass are used in electrical and radio engineering. The high strength of fiberglass allows you to make parts that are not inferior in strength to metal ones, but much lighter. During construction, there are materials based on fiberglass for the roof of the building. It is used for insulating and warming pipelines. The unique properties of fiberglass-based materials are constantly finding new uses.

  • A unique fabric made of microscopic glass fibers, impregnated with polymer materials. Often aluminum, boron is added to it and this makes it non-combustible. And then it is used by firefighters and people who work with flammable liquids and acids. Thanks to this, it does not rot, it keeps the temperature. And this is an excellent quality for insulation, for example, underground pipelines.

  • Fiberglass is used in many technical fields.

    As an example. In electronics - fiberglass printed circuit boards on which parts are mounted; in electrical engineering - insulating and structural material; in construction, in spaceships and so on.

    The main advantages of such a material are that it keeps a high temperature, does not rot, and is cheap.

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