How to get Vichy cosmetics samplers?

How to get Vichy cosmetics samplers?

  • At this time there are promotions from Vichy. They send to everyone for free, by mail a catalog and a couple of probes. You can order on the website fries. Worx, this is a site with a different freebie. You can order two or more times, but at different addresses, for example, relatives or friends. And you can ask around in pharmacies that sell this cosmetics, they have probes. Just ask and say that you are allergic, you need a probe to understand whether cosmetics are suitable or not.

  • On the official Vichy website, you need to find the "Free Samples" tab. Then fill out the form, indicate the name, surname, city, postal code, telephone number and address of residence. One sample is sent to one address. This promotion is replaceable and periodically free samples in the form of probes are updated. For example, I first ordered a day cream, then a night cream. After some time, they began to send samples of tonal funds and just recently I received a serum that has not even gone on sale yet. Samples come in envelopes straight to the mailbox.

  • Cosmetics Vichy is gaining popularity, on their website you can pass a special test that focuses on its customers and for this you need to spend some time answering questions about this cometics

  • Sometimes samplers are handed out in large pharmacies that sell these products. You can also regularly go to the official website, there may be a mailing list if a new product is released. You can also look into the official Facebook group - there are sometimes practical jokes.

  • I really like VICHI cosmetics. I use it and constantly monitor new items on the official website and just on the Internet. Now we are testing shampoos and anti-aging cosmetics cream VICHI. It is possible to order trial sachets of Dercos shampoo and trial sachets of anti-aging cream on the official website.

  • When ordering on the official website you will receive probes of this cosmetic brand. Sometimes there are very profitable stocks, but they have to be caught. Not so long ago, two times in a row, with a short period, there was an action with free shipping, as well as lots of additional bonuses and probes when ordering. It is also very beneficial to order in sets, as they also put additional funds. And so the delivery is free from 2000 rubles. Also, quite often the company sends free samples by mail. But, only at one address for one person. So several probes cannot be ordered to one address.

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