How to find out how many minutes are left on Tele2 - “Very Black” tariff?

How to find out how many minutes are left on Tele2 - "Very black" tariff?

  • To check how much free traffic is left, you need to dial * 155 * 0 #. After a minute or even less, you will receive an SMS with a detailed answer.

  • Also moved to this rate. Mostly because of the internet. You can learn about the rest of free minutes, SMS, traffic, by typing * 155 * 0 #. Your application will be accepted and the answer will come in the form of SMS.

  • To do this, type the following query: * 155 * 0 #.

    If you want more detailed information, then in this case I advise you to visit your personal account. To do this, go here. ... press enter, enter your phone number, after which you will receive an SMS with a password, enter it in the next column.

    In your account you can view all the information you need.

  • There are at least two ways to find out the number of unused minutes on your mobile number from Tele2:

    The simplest thing is to send a USSD request from your phone like * 155 * 0 # and press the "Call" button: you will receive information about the remaining unused minutes in a reply SMS (the message will also contain information about the remainder of SMS and mobile Internet packages, as well as the validity period of these packages and the date of debiting the next subscription fee);

    you can get the same information via the Internet - in your Personal account.

    This is approximately how this information will look on the site (with the only difference that I have a "Black" tariff without a package of included minutes):

    Personal Cabinet Tele2

    To log into your Personal Cabinet from a computer you will need

    enter your phone number on Tele2 website;

    wait for the request for a password to appear on the phone screen and answer it by sending the number "1";

    the code to enter the site you will receive in return SMS;

    well, and, finally, you will see on the site all the packages of minutes, SMS and mobile Internet available to you.

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