What mattresses to buy: reviews, tips for choosing

In order to have a good night's rest, you need to go to bed on a comfortable bed. First of all, it should have a good mattress. Customer reviews indicate that this is not easy to do. This product does not belong to the category of frequently bought, so a mistake in choosing can be expensive.

What is the threat of an incorrectly selected mattress

In addition to morning stiffness, insomnia, the owners of an incorrectly selected mattress expect such chronic diseases as arthritis, osteochondrosis, asthma.

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Sometimes people with spinal diseases go to bed without a mattress at all. But in this case, the body is bent to one side for a long time. This is harmful and inconvenient. A versatile mattress should be comfortable first and foremost.

Manufacturers call their products anatomical, or orthopedic, medical. Indicate that they bend in accordance with the bends of the human body. But one and the same product is not anatomical for people of different weight and height. And it should be anatomical just for you.

Functions that the mattress performs

What are the requirements for this desired product?

  • The mattress should support the back during sleep, strictly horizontal. The framework is responsible for this function. It can be spring blocks or latex.
  • Sleep comfort provided by filler and cover.

What mattress to look for

This largely depends on the weight of the person. If you are not overweight, soft to medium soft mattresses are suitable for you. If you can be considered fat, then hard or medium-hard is more suitable. If you are looking for a children's mattress, reviews suggest buying a stiffer model.

When looking for a mattress, measure your bed carefully. The mattress should not be wider than it. The optimal width will be a couple of centimeters less.

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Look for a jacquard padded mattress. The cover must have a padding polyester. You can buy a mattress with a zip cover. But customer reviews say that they quickly lose their shape.

If you cannot find a suitable size, the mattress can be ordered.

Mattresses without springs

All mattresses without springs are divided into hard, medium-hard and medium-soft. They usually consist of several layers. The characteristics of each of them determine the quality of the entire product.

Unspring mattresses can be made from one-piece latex that is vacuum sealed. Latex can be natural or artificial.

Reviews of mattresses indicate that latex mattresses are softer than polyurethane foam, although both types are quite comfortable, they have the necessary elasticity. True, a product made from natural latex is much more expensive.

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Natural coir leaves are used - coconut fiber. But they are quite tough, so they are not suitable for people weighing over 100 kg.

Liquid and air can be used as filler.

One should not think that such products are worse than spring mattresses. The reviews of many buyers indicate that they like just such an unusual filler much more. Some people don't like the way springs work.

Spring mattresses

In a mattress, the springs are usually connected in blocks. If they are interconnected, intertwined, such springs are called dependent. An example is the Bonnel mattress. It can withstand heavy loads and has a low price. And yet, reviews of this type of mattress say that these are the most uncomfortable models. That is why medical experts do not advise people with spinal problems to acquire them.

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Among the disadvantages are the accumulation of dust inside the mattress, the appearance of rust on the springs, sagging. Insects can start there and various microorganisms and even electromagnetic radiation can accumulate.

In products with independent blocks, each spring is in its own tissue compartment. Therefore, each of the springs bends under the influence of a specific part of the owner's body, without dragging the neighboring ones along with it. They, in turn, also sag to a certain depth. Therefore, during rest, the vertebrae do not experience static loads unusual for them.

The standard is the number of 256 independent springs per 1 m2... The price of such a mattress is about 10 thousand rubles.

However, not all mattresses are the same. In expensive and high-quality models, there may be several zones of elasticity intended for different parts of the body.

Expensive models, the price of which reaches 70 thousand rubles, have up to a thousand springs per square meter. Models with 500 springs. on m2 can be bought for 30 thousand rubles. This mattress gives you the opportunity to rest and protects the spine from curvature. It is considered optimal for sleep.

The quality is also influenced by what types of blocks the spring mattresses have. Reviews say that the most comfortable and high-quality blocks are called "honeycomb", "spring in spring" and multizone. It is on them that people with a weight exceeding 100 kg need to pay attention. They are also convenient for double beds.

Springs are usually not felt when using a spring mattress. This is due to the presence of interlayers with which they regulate its rigidity and elasticity. In expensive models, Nasa technologies are used and a viscous and at the same time elastic material - "tempur", created with their help. He not only bends to the shape of the body, but also remembers it.

Assembling and adjusting such a mattress is not an easy task, requiring certain skills and skill. Therefore, the price of such high-tech products is usually over a thousand dollars.

Unfortunately, they are also susceptible to corrosion, collect dust and have the same disadvantages as previous models.


The filler can be traditional natural materials such as felt, wool, horsehair, and artificial (foam rubber, synthetic winterizer). Mattresses are also filled with more modern latex, coir. Which to choose? Reviews say that the mattress will be soft if it is made of 3 cm high latex layers.If there is a coir layer on the block, then its surface will be quite hard. And if you have 3 cm of latex, one - coir, and then springs - you get a mattress of medium hardness.

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In order for the air to move freely throughout the entire volume of the mattress, many models have ventilation holes.

When buying products from such materials, you need to ask for certificates of conformity.

Mattress base

A high-quality base for the mattress consists of a frame to which wooden slats are attached - elastic planks about 1 cm thick. In cheaper models, it is made of plywood.

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The base on the slats is springy, which makes it more comfortable to sleep on the bed than on a hard surface (the same plywood). Air passes better under it.

Still wondering which mattress to choose? Consumer reviews are advised to try to lie on it in the sales area. Therefore, you need to go there in clothes that are comfortable for this.

But lying on one model is clearly not enough to decide which mattress is best. Customer reviews say that you need to try at least three models. Only then will you be able to choose the best one or look for more.

The mattress should not be too soft, because the spine in a dream will bend on it, and in the morning your back and head will hurt.

Maybe you need to choose very hard mattresses? Customer reviews say that they do not get enough sleep on them, they do not rest overnight.

You need to determine how long you have to toss and turn on the mattress to get comfortable. A quality product does not require too much movement for this.

You need to pay attention to how much the mattresses cost. Customer reviews suggest that the cheapest one that is worth buying should not be cheaper than 12 thousand rubles. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting a thin product made of low-quality materials that will not be able to provide support for your spine.

A high-quality mattress will serve you for at least 10 years and will fully justify itself. The cheap one will soon become unusable, and you will need to spend money again.


Which mattress should you choose? Consumer reviews are advised to pay attention to such manufacturers:

  • Vegast is a Belarusian brand, one of the most bought. It produces mainly budget models. Many people like them. But there are reviews that the quality of the products does not match the price. The main complaints are that the mattress quickly loses its shape and all its characteristics.
  • Ascona is a Russian manufacturer. It is engaged in the production of orthopedic mattresses. Consumer reviews indicate that representatives of the company often admit negligence in their work, and products are defective.
  • "Ormatek" - produces high-quality springless latex mattresses, cheaper than Askon ones. In addition to products of the usual shape, it offers models for round beds.
  • Atmosphere is an English manufacturer of expensive but high quality orthopedic mattresses.

Where to buy

Modern people make more and more purchases through the online store, they also buy mattresses. Customer reviews say it's fast and convenient. You don't have to spend a lot of time on shopping trips. Sitting at home, you can choose the model you like, and even save money.


The only but very significant drawback may be that you will not be able to experience it before buying. And what to do after your mattress is uncomfortable?

Such purchases can be justified in the event that you already have a mattress of such a company, but you decide to purchase another one or have tested it with relatives or friends.

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