What is the most popular product on the market?

What is the most popular product on the market?

  • The most demanded goods on the market are essential goods: food products, especially for the poor and the middle class, as well as clothing and footwear for men, women and children. Many have already bought salt and matches before the end of the world.)

  • The most demanded product on the market is fuel. One way or another, both motorists and those who do not have a car need fuel, since a truck bringing bread, milk, salt and matches to the store without fuel is no good. And from the fact that we do not buy part of the price in the store, this is the payment of what everyone needs Fuel.

  • Money. After all, they are also a commodity. And always and everywhere you need money to buy something. But trade is an exchange. We can say that the seller also buys money from you, paying for it with his goods. And he wants to buy as much money as possible.

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