Cats with big ears: breed and photo

Big-eared cats are becoming more and more popular. The reason for this is their alien appearance. It is impossible to name the most eared breed. But the most famous ones can be described.

Abyssinians: photo and description of the breed

So what are the cats with big ears called? Abyssinians. Representatives have an unusual color called "safari".

cats with big ears

The ears of cats are cone-shaped. Representatives of this species are medium in size, have impressive muscles. This breed of cat with large ears is descended from the African cat. Representatives' eyes are outlined in black.

breed of cats with big ears

The character of cats is quite wayward. Such a pet is not suitable for everyone. These cats are very active and playful. They are always cheerful and cheerful.

Devon Rex

This is another interesting breed. Its representatives have a truly alien appearance. These cats have a long body, a thin neck, and the head resembles an elongated ellipse. The coat of the representatives is smooth. The character of cats is quite good. They are friendly, they love to play. The breed is hypoallergenic.

Oriental cat

Do you know what cats with an elongated muzzle and big ears are called? Orientals. These cats have a muscular elongated body, short hair.

beautiful cats with big ears

The colors are different. You can see a solid oriental, such as black. The most popular color is tabby.

This breed of cats with large ears and nose is very aristocratic. But at the same time, its representatives are very attached to the owners, they are friendly towards people.

breed of cats with big ears and nose photo and description

These cats cannot stand loneliness. Orientals love to meow and purr. They are very playful throughout their lives.


This is another breed of cat with large ears. Representatives have her luxurious long coat in reddish-brown tones. These cats, like the Abyssinians, are active, cheerful and very playful. By the way, the ears of such animals are mobile.


These cats with large ears are distinguished by their independent, wayward temperament. They are also very touchy. Their physique is long, graceful, their eyes are very beautiful, blue. The tail of Siamese cats is whip-like. Representatives of the breed are intelligent, sociable.

Distinctive features of Siamese cats are dark markings on the paws, nose and tail.

The wool of the representatives is thin, smooth, like expensive silk.


This breed appeared relatively recently. Its representatives have an amazing appearance. In addition to the fact that these cats have long ears, they are also unusually curved. This feature makes the breed even more mysterious. These cats have dog loyalty, their character is quite friendly.

cats with big ears


This species is a hybrid of a domestic cat and an African serval. Representatives of the breed are large, strong and graceful. The look of such a cat is really wild, the color is spotted. The growth at the withers of the representatives of the breed reaches sixty sentiments.

breed of cats with big ears and nose

These large cats adapt perfectly to any conditions. Although it is best to keep the savanna in a private home. After all, these cats need a lot of space for movement and play.


These cats with large ears are very similar to the savannah. But only representatives of this breed are slightly smaller. Their color is like that of a predator. The tail is long and striped. The ears of the breed are similar to locators. These cats get along well with all family members. Representatives of this breed lead an active lifestyle.

Canadian Sphynx

This breed is quite old. She won love thanks to the extraordinary appearance of the representatives.

what is the name of the breed of cats with big ears

Cats look very smart, lemon-shaped eyes. The skin of the representatives to the touch resembles velor. For the first time such a cat appeared in Egypt. This blue-eyed handsome man guarded the Sanctuary of Ancient Egypt.

There are other types of sphinxes: Don and St. Petersburg. These cats also have big ears. The breeds were developed in Russia. These cats are bald and need special care.

cats with an elongated muzzle and large ears as the breed is called

You need to take care of your skin daily, it needs to be cleansed. The nutrition of the breed should be balanced. Also, these cats need to be dressed in special clothes so that they do not freeze. Cats are dog-like. They are very smart, loyal.

Ukrainian Levkoy

This interesting breed was obtained by crossing the Scottish Fold cat and the Don Sphynx. The ears of the representatives are large, rounded, curved. The breed got its name thanks to the flower, which looks like the bend of the ears of these cats. Their body is slender and muscular. Males of this breed are medium in size. The head of the representatives of an unusual shape, slightly elongated. The eyes of cats are almond-shaped, their color can be any.

Maine Coon: photo and description of the breed

These are large cats with large ears and eyes. They are very beautiful, their fur coat is magnificent, there is an undercoat.

what are the cats with big ears called

The representatives of the breed have tassels on the ears. These cats are known for their size, because they are truly giants among pets. The weight of adult representatives reaches fifteen kilograms. They are very similar to forest cats with a muzzle and tapered ears. The tail of these cats is fluffy. The breed has a strong character. Therefore, the owner should spend a lot of time raising the animal.

cats with elongated muzzle and big ears

Representatives of the breed are not sluggish, but they are not very active either. Cats are playful enough, but they do not mind lying on the master's sofa.


This is another breed that has large ears. The color of the cats is leopard. The body of the representatives of the breed is powerful, the head is neat, small. The eyes are large, almond-shaped, widely spaced. The color of the representatives is varied.

These cats are freedom-loving, but docile and loyal. They have good hunting qualities. The hair of these cats is short and hard. In nutrition, they are not picky. Long walks in the fresh air are what the Canaani loves.

Angora cat: photo and description of the breed

The Turkish Angora is a beautiful, elegant cat with large ears. Her head is wedge-shaped, the muzzle is slightly elongated, narrow. The transition from nose to forehead is smooth. The eyes are slightly slanted, almond-shaped. Their shade can be any. It is allowed by the standard that the cat has different eye colors. By the way, it looks very original.

angora cats with an elongated muzzle and large ears

The cat's coat is fluffy, shiny, one might even say elegant. Beautiful bouffants are formed on the tail, legs and neck.

The character of the Turkish Angora is gentle, sensitive. Cats do not tolerate physical punishment and screaming. Angora cats have a strong nervous system. They are active, but they do not create noise. Angora get along well with children.

cats with elongated muzzle and big ears Turkish Angora

The wool of the representatives needs regular maintenance. You need to comb your pet at least once a week. Angora needs movement, so the owners should buy a suitable game complex for it.

Representatives have good health, they live a long time.

A small conclusion

Now you know cats with big ears. For clarity, their photos are presented in the article. We hope that the information will be useful to you.

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