Who are the gnomes?

Who are the gnomes?

  • gnomes are fictional characters or characters

  • Gnomes are fabulous bearded dwarfs who love magic and science. Recently, they are found not only in fairy tales and legends, but also in games. Famous for their skill and wealth.

  • Впервые gnomes (Late Lat. Gnomus) appeared in the Scandinavian epic, where they were presented in the form of hard-working dwarfs who live underground in the mountains, in caves and guard underground treasures, mine ore and smelt metals.

    Male gnomes are ugly as opposed to female gnomid. According to the work of the Scandinavian epic of the Younger Edda, the ancestors of the gnomes emerged from the body of the giant Ymir when he was killed.

    Gnomes see perfectly in the dark, live for about 250-400 years, and do not like greedy people. These little dwarfs are generally harmless, but touchy and capricious. The main enemies of these little fairy-tale creatures are dragons, who strive to steal the gold mined by the dwarves.

    Who are the gnomes?

  • Dwarfs are fabulous creatures. If we talk about the relationship of dwarves with people, they are quite complicated. Gnomes often helped people, especially miners. They could teach how to work with stones and metals. But they did it for free. For this, the trainer had to feed them, or come to the rescue at any time when he was called. Pupils should keep their training in deep secrecy. If a person broke this word, the dwarves severely punished him.

    On the other hand, the gnomes could deceive a person. They often lured greedy people deep into the mountains, promising them untold riches. And then greedy people were left there to die.

    If the miners found a place that the gnomes liked, the latter could arrange a collapse in order to drive out the uninvited guests.

    It was believed that the gnome could turn into a three-legged hare. And such werewolves can get into the usual snares on hares. If a ray of sun touches it, then it will turn into stone. If a person comes for his prey before sunrise and sets free the dwarf gnome, he will receive any reward. But it is impossible to be very greedy, otherwise it’s a disaster.

    We hear about male gnomes all the time. Are there any gnomes, gnome wives? The writer Tolkien believes that there is. He writes that their women look and look like young gnomes, so they are difficult to distinguish. There are very few women, only a third.

    Books, where it is written about the gnomes an incredible amount, do not count all. But mostly it's fairy tales or fantasy.

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