Can I return the sunglasses to the store?

Can I return the sunglasses to the store?

  • Probably only one thing is important in this case. If glasses are expensive, as I understand from the meaning of the question, everything will depend on whether you kept the original packaging. The rules stipulate that the goods can be returned within two weeks, but with packaging and if it is not damaged.

  • If they are without marriage, but simply did not fit the style, then they can be returned within 14 days, excluding the day of purchase. The presentation must be preserved, labels.

    Points are not on the list of non-refundable items.

    Well, if there is a marriage, then all the more it can be returned, even if 14 days have passed.

  • As far as I remember the law on consumer rights, then within fourteen days after the purchase of the product, it can be returned or exchanged. I think the glasses will be no exception, the main thing is that they are safe and sound.

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