Air ozonizer: reviews of doctors. How to make a do-it-yourself ozonizer?

Recently, such household appliances as air ozonizers have become very popular. Reviews about these devices are completely different, but using them within reasonable limits has a positive effect rather than a negative one. Consider in the article some of the principles of their work, as well as the benefits and harms to the human body.

air ozonizer reviews of doctors

Ozonizer - what is it?

In very simple terms, an ozonizer is a device that emits a certain amount of ozone during operation. Everyone knows that this gas itself in high concentration is very harmful and destructive for almost all living things (it is no coincidence that it is used to disinfect and destroy microbes).

Ozone occurs as a result of the action of a large electric discharge on oxygen, which leads to its splitting into atoms that combine to form bluish gas molecules. This process constantly occurs in nature during a thunderstorm. At such moments, in the presence of powerful lightning, the smell of this gas is very well felt.

Its properties are actively used in the device of the same name. The home air ozonizer is designed to purify the air, give it freshness, which the device can easily and provide when used correctly. Also, these devices can be used in the industrial field. Let's consider them in more detail.

Industrial ozonizer

If we talk about where an industrial air and water ozonizer is used, then several areas can be noted:

  • water treatment, which allows you to get rid of various bad substances that may be contained there (bacteria, microbes);
  • refining plant foods to remove pesticides and chemicals;
  • the ozonizer is also used in the field of breeding animals and fish to remove various substances with which they are fed (antibiotics and hormones);
  • disinfection of premises where animals and poultry are kept in order to prevent their diseases;
  • the devices can be used for large warehouses, storage of agricultural products, etc.;
  • you can also disinfect the dressing;
  • with its help it is excellent to destroy rodents;
  • this device perfectly cleans and disinfects places where a large number of people are constantly, and especially during infectious diseases;
  • also, the ozonizer is good to use in order to remove the harmful effects from materials that were used during repairs or construction;
  • they are also popular for cleaning and disinfecting a car.

Thus, we can say that the ozonizer for water and air is used quite widely, in various fields.

industrial air ozonizer

Household ozonizer

The appliance is also very popular at home. There is a whole spectrum of his positive actions. Household air ozonizers are used for:

  • disinfection of air in an apartment or house, removal of pathogenic bacteria, putrefactive odors, mold;
  • purification of drinking (and not only) water, which leads to its disposal from various harmful metals, viruses, chlorine;
  • cleansing food (meat, vegetables, fruits) from chemicals, antibiotics, various harmful additives;
  • disinfection of the refrigerator, removal of unpleasant odors;
  • ozonation of bedding, underwear, furniture, shoes;
  • treatment of the air conditioner if mold has started there.

As you can see, in the household, this device can also be used to improve the general condition of residents. However, the ozonizer of air, the doctors' reviews of which are warning, should be used very carefully, according to the instructions. This is necessary in order to avoid various negative consequences, since the ozone emitted by the device is still toxic in large quantities.

household air ozonizers

The principle of operation of the device and its design

As mentioned above, an ozonizer is a device that is designed to generate the gas of the same name. The principle of operation of the device is that an electric current is artificially passed through the air, as a result of which oxygen is converted into ozone. It is only necessary to remember about its toxicity, from which it follows that the device must be handled carefully.

Each scheme of the air ozonizer may differ from others in details, however, there are required elements. For example, an ozone generator (which may also differ in its design, it will depend on how this gas is obtained), a fan, a mains voltage converter.

air ozonizer circuit

Rules for working with the device

Like every device, the ozonizer has instructions for use. Of course, the models may differ slightly in operation, however, there is a certain time of use for different purposes.

  • It takes ten minutes of processing to remove odors, kill dust mites, and purify the air.
  • To remove cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies from the house, also turn on the device for ten minutes.
  • If you made repairs indoors, then the ozonizer should be turned on for half an hour for processing.

When you use an air ozonizer, the instruction instructs you to leave the treated area. If this is not possible, breathe through a wet bandage. After the room has been processed, you can enter it in thirty or forty minutes.

Failure to comply with these requirements may damage the human respiratory system. Also, to avoid injury, you should not check the ozone concentration for odor, it is better to adhere to the recommended processing time.

The operation of the device should take place in a room where the temperature and humidity are not too high. Also, be careful not to get water on it when it is turned on. The ozonizer must not be opened during operation, as there is too much voltage.

do it yourself air ozonizer

Do-it-yourself ozonator

Do-it-yourself air ozonizer is easy to make, but with strict adherence to the instructions. One of the simplest options would be a glass tube that is about two centimeters in diameter and about forty-five centimeters long. It should be closed with a rubber stopper on each side. An iron, aluminum or copper wire should be passed through one of them. Connect the inductor to it from the outside. Also, insert another, smaller diameter tube into the large tube (on the other side of the rubber stopper). The second end of the wire will enter into it. The outside of the large glass tube should be wrapped with thin wire (not very tight). One of the ends must be connected to an inductor. This whole structure can be placed in a box, which will be covered with aluminum foil.

Thus, it is quite possible to make an air ozonizer with your own hands at home. However, before using the device, it should be carefully checked, since ozone, we emphasize again, is dangerous in large quantities.

How to choose a device for home use

Of course, everyone wants to live in better conditions, sometimes for this you need to purchase only one device - an ozonizer. How to choose it? What should you pay attention to?

The most popular are universal devices that can be used for both water disinfection and air purification.

For those premises where purification from tobacco smoke, unpleasant odors and substances negatively affecting health is required, it will be rational to purchase an ozonizer-ionizer. It can be turned on in two modes, depending on the circumstances.

You also need to pay attention to the amount of ozone emitted. If the device is necessary for a large room where people are constantly present, then the photocalysis function will be useful for it to remove excess ozone. For small rooms, choose a device, the ozone output from which is not too large.

In numbers, it will look like this:

  • up to fifteen square meters - ozone output up to 8 μg / m3;
  • from 30 to 50 square meters - ozone output 10-12 μg / m3;
  • over 50 square meters - ozone output up to 20 μg / m3.

Pay attention to all these numbers before choosing.

The benefits and harms of such a device as an air ozonizer. Reviews of doctors

If we talk about whether this device is really necessary and useful for a person (both in domestic use and on a larger scale), then opinions differ. Of course, the gas itself is very toxic in large quantities, but its usefulness cannot be underestimated.

Today, more and more often in hospitals, they use an air ozonizer, the reviews of doctors about which are mostly positive. With its help, the air in the room is perfectly disinfected, cleared of various microbes and viruses, and various odors are eliminated. In addition, there is a therapeutic effect of this gas - ozone therapy. Also, due to its properties, it is possible to disinfect water (which is considered the most effective method).

However, the harm of the ozonizer, or rather the gas, should also be taken into account. If its concentration in the air is exceeded, then the general well-being of a person worsens, electronics may fail. With the constant inhalation of air with an increased amount of ozone, the destruction of the central nervous system occurs. And also there are allergic reactions, nausea and headache may occur.

Thus, using an air ozonizer, the doctors' reviews about which are quite careful, you should follow the instructions and be careful.

air ozonizers reviews

Ionizer - what is it?

Very often people, without understanding, confuse an ozonizer and an ionizer. These are two completely different devices. If the ionizer is correctly adjusted, it should not produce ozone. This device forms negatively charged ions, which are so necessary for the normal functioning of our body.

Let's figure out what exactly is air ionization for? What happens when there is a lack of ions:

  • a person's performance decreases and the body's fatigue increases significantly;
  • sleep disorders occur, as well as appetite;
  • a person becomes more susceptible to various stresses, irritability also manifests itself;
  • possible allergic reactions;
  • the human body is more susceptible to infections, a decrease in immunity is observed.

Plants, waterfalls, trees are natural sources of ionized air. It is no coincidence that one breathes better by the sea, in the forest, in the mountainous area. Of course, it is difficult to get such air at home even if there are a large number of plants in the home, since numerous household appliances nullify all efforts. The best option is artificial ionization.

You can purchase an air purifier (ozonizer-ionizer). Thus, you can get two functions in one device.

purifier ozonator air ionizer

Application and use of the ionizer

Of course, you should know how to use the ionizer. It cannot be kept on all the time. Having chosen a certain model, you must carefully read the instructions and follow them. If the device has filters, they must be rinsed as they become dirty.

In the room where the device is turned on, it is necessary to do wet cleaning more often, since all the dust settles on the surface. It is also attracted directly to the ionizer, which can lead to contamination.

There are a number of individual contraindications that imply a ban on the use of the device. It is not used if there is a person in the room with the following diseases:

  • a malignant tumor, as this can accelerate its growth (however, for a healthy person, an ionizer can be a prophylaxis against tumors);
  • the presence of any disorders from the central nervous system;
  • respiratory ailments (asthma, pneumonia);
  • rheumatoid arthritis in the acute phase, circulatory disorders of the brain.

As you can see, you should choose the device very carefully, take into account all the factors. Also, as mentioned above, it will be more rational to use an air ionizer-ozonizer. It will allow not only to facilitate breathing with charged particles, but also to disinfect the air consumed by a person.

How to choose an ionizer

What do you need to know in order to buy yourself an ionizer? Select the model you need:

  • If you just need to improve the air quality in your home, then the simplest ionizer is suitable for this purpose.
  • For a room where people smoke, purchase an ionizer-ozonizer, since in this case you will remove odors and improve air quality.
  • If you need a device that will clean the room from dust, then an effective solution would be to purchase an air cleaner with a built-in ion generator.
  • If you need to generate both positive and negative ions in your room, a bipolar ionizer is the right choice for you.
  • Those models that use the ionic wind principle in their work work almost silently, and those that use fans, on the contrary.
  • If the indoor air is too dry, choose an ionizer with a humidifier.

Thus, consider all factors before choosing a household appliance - an ionizer.


Based on the foregoing, we can say that air ionizers and ozonizers, reviews of which are most often positive, are very useful devices. If you want to improve your immunity, general well-being, as well as living conditions, then purchasing such devices is quite rational. Especially for residents of apartments in metropolitan areas, as well as for offices and those premises where there are a large number of people.

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