Why do small children often cry?

Why do small children often cry?

  • This is their way of "talking" to the outside world. small children cannot tell you that their tummy hurts or they want your attention, so they cry. Children who can already talk simply cannot express their thoughts otherwise.

  • By crying, they seem to "speak" to you. They can't do anything else yet. After all, if a child is crying, it may be: he wants to eat or he is wet, or his tummy hurts, or it is cold. There can be many reasons. And so far he can only get your attention by crying. He will grow up and will already say what he needs)

    They also attract the attention of parents simply because they are missing, they want to play) This is still the only means of attracting the attention of such a crumb.)

  • I have two little babies. And so often come across this. At first, she did not understand, but gradually came to it and then read that the children still could not accurately express their feelings, emotions, or simply did not know how to speak, therefore they are switching to crying. I am the eldest daughter, and now the youngest one immediately say calm down, tell my mother to help. And you know, it works. The child calms down and waits for help.

    The method of active listening is also very good. He is coming to older children.

    Well, if we talk about absolutely babies, then crying is a signal to draw your attention to the crumb, because he still doesn’t know how to talk :))))

  • As we grow up, we often recall with nostalgia the "carefree" childhood.

    We forget that a child is very helpless and dependent on adults, on their mood, their employment, their love for him. Unable to do something for themselves, the child is forced to scream and cry.

    Even the milk created by God in the breast of his mother is only for him alone, the child is forced to beg for a cry.

  • Because it is the only effective way, using which they can show their discontent, indignation, protest, request for help, and sometimes impotence, when trying to change a situation. True, rarely, but sometimes crying is used by children as blackmail or psychological, yes, psychological (kids are good practice psychologists) pressure on loved ones.

  • Thus, the children call for help, because they need a constant presence next to their mother, they need her protection, or they tell their mother about the problem (hungry baby, wet, wants to drink), so he helps his mother to look after him.

  • Thus, they attract attention to themselves, so that they can sit with them, play with them, take them on their pens and calm them down. Either this cry has selfish goals, perhaps he does not like something, he may fall and cry from pain, he was told "no" or "no", the child also felt offended. In general, in fact, there are a lot of reasons for which the child is crying .. And if you add up the whole day, then it turns out that the child often cries)

  • It is an expression of the emotion of fear for life. Unwittingly, there is pain, which will create the concept of "tears are coming." The kid is afraid of new sensations and throws water through his tears. It is easy for children to create different emotions, this is both resentment (tears) and then joy. So the baby is cleared of dirty cells in the blood, which are most often from chemistry.

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