Poplin or coarse calico - which is better? Poplin - what is this fabric? Calico fabric

All people know that natural is much better than artificial. The same goes for fabrics. In this article I would like to talk about fabrics, namely, to decide: poplin or coarse calico - which is better? Why is each of them good and what should you opt for after all?

poplin or coarse calico which is better

About cotton

First of all, it should be said that all these are cotton materials that have always been highly appreciated by people. Indeed, in essence, they are natural, allow the body to breathe, do not cause various allergic and other skin reactions. A distinctive feature of these fabrics is also strength, which is very important.

About bed linen

A person may have a choice: either poplin, or calico, or satin. What is better when you need to buy bedding? After all, it is these materials that are used to make it. A logical question may arise: "What is the difference if all these fabrics turned out to be cotton?" There is one small nuance - this is the special weaving of the threads of each of them, which gives the desired effect. However, it is worth mentioning that some cunning manufacturers of bed linen may add some synthetic fibers that are similar in nature to cotton. Therefore, when buying a set of bedding, be sure to pay attention to the composition (look for the inscription "100% cotton"), and not rely only on your hands and feelings.

poplin what is this fabric


Understand the question "Poplin or coarse calico - which is better?" preferably in stages. Let's start with a fabric such as coarse calico. It is inherently cotton with a plain plain weave. It should be said that this particular fabric is most often used in the manufacture of bed linen. The fault lies in the optimal combination of "price-quality". Choosing coarse calico bedding, you should know that it has several excellent properties that everyone will like:

  • ecological cleanliness;
  • hygiene;
  • excellent retention of the pattern for many years.

Reviews of many housewives suggest that such bedding sets can withstand many washings, while not losing their color and having a relatively low cost. As for the production process, the distinctive feature of this fabric is that any pattern can be made on it without problems (the fiber structure allows it). However, this also has its drawbacks. Of the three poplin-satin-coarse calico, this fabric is the coarsest, and not everyone likes and does not like its rough surface. However, for those who do not care about the tactile component, this material is the leader when choosing bed linen.

poplin or coarse calico or satin which is better


Analyzing the topic "Poplin or coarse calico - which is better?", It is necessary to dwell in more detail on such fabric as poplin. By its nature, it is also cotton; in production, the method of plain weaving is again used. However, the nuance is that silk, viscose, woolen and even synthetic blotches can be added to its composition. The peculiarity of this fabric is that two threads are used for its manufacture - thick and thin, due to which it appears as if in a rib. Many people may ask the seller: "Poplin - what kind of fabric is this?" After all, it is impossible to see the differences at first glance. If you look at coarse calico and poplin nearby, few will find any special features. However, everything can be felt. So, poplin is softer, more elastic, has a smooth surface and the gloss desired by many. It will also be interesting that the durability of bed linen made of this material is also very high and is practically not inferior to coarse calico. However, it is still worth listing the advantages of a material such as poplin:

  • perfectly retains color and shape;
  • the material is pleasant to the touch;
  • perfectly retains heat, absorbs moisture;
  • practically does not wrinkle.

It should be said that during operation, poplin bedding behaves perfectly, it can be washed at various temperatures, including at 100 °. Also, many will like the price of such kits, it is relatively low.

poplin linen


Choosing bed linen and thinking: "Poplin or coarse calico - which is better?" - it is necessary to pay attention to such fabric as satin. What distinctive features does it have? This is a cotton fabric, which is made by a special weaving method of a very fine and twisted thread, which gives the effect of a magazine gloss. Distinctive features of a set of this material will be:

  • high strength;
  • practicality;
  • pleasant tactile sensations.

For many, it will seem important that such underwear is not inferior to its silk counterparts, but it is more affordable. Any pattern can be applied on such material; it does not lose its color during washing. There is a coupon satin, when, for example, the duvet cover and pillowcases are made in different techniques, have a different pattern, but are united by the same color scheme. Mako-satin is an Egyptian type of cotton, in the manufacture of which the technology of mercerization is used (to give strength and shine). It is worth saying that, by slightly overpaying for satin bedding, you can get not only a beautiful set, but also the highest quality.

coarse linen

What to opt for?

So what should you opt for after all? Here each person should look at what he wants to get. The most affordable underwear is coarse calico. However, it is not suitable for people for whom tactile sensations are important, because it has a slightly rough structure. This is followed by poplin. What kind of fabric is this - we figured it out. Bedding sets made from it will feel more pleasant because they have a smooth structure. However, other characteristics, including the pricing policy, are practically similar to calico. Well, and the most chic option will still be satin, which will appeal to even the most spoiled customers. Nice structure, great look, all the necessary characteristics - this can be found in satin bedding. And for many, the fact that there are such beautiful drawings that the bed can become not only a necessary element of everyday life, but also a decoration of the bedroom will also become the main thing.

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