Congratulations to a female colleague on her 55th birthday: examples

The long-awaited and beloved holiday is a birthday! I would like to receive gifts, hear pleasant words and compliments! But giving all this is three times more pleasant. But not everyone has oratory and can pronounce the right words. Holidays at work are a great opportunity to connect with employees and have a lot of fun. Send congratulations to your female colleague on her 55th birthday in an unusual format. Let it not be a banal toast, put on a real show!

Honorable gold

Saying good wishes to a birthday person is a real art. The banal wish of health and happiness is no longer relevant. Arrange the awards ceremony for the hero of the occasion! This should be done in the midst of the party, if it takes place. Well, if there is no celebration, be sure to set aside half an hour during your lunch break and say congratulations to your female colleague on her 55th birthday with the whole team. To add flavor, purchase chocolate medals from the store and hand them over to the birthday girl with humorous comments.

congratulations to the woman colleague on the anniversary of 55 years


The presenter must be dressed in a chic evening dress, the award ceremony will be in the style of an Oscar. In a solemn voice, you need to read out what the medal is being awarded for, and hang it around the neck of the hero of the day.

  • “Today we are presenting this award to a gorgeous woman for her frantic desire to work, her plans fulfilled with pleasure, for the positive that she charges everyone in this building!”
  • "The medal is awarded for punctuality and respect for the electric kettle at lunchtime!"
  • “This gold is hung on the most hardworking neck of our company! For the ability to be friends, show compassion and inability to spread gossip! "

Such congratulations for a female colleague on the 55th anniversary will appeal to everyone, without exception. And tasty medals can be kept as a keepsake!

Gifts of flora

A bouquet of flowers is an invariable symbol of celebration. Women especially love such gifts. After all, the aroma of your favorite flowers cheers up, and the unusual design of the bouquet pleases the eye for many days. Giving flowers to beautiful birthday girls is a must. It's so nice to receive wonderful gifts of flora and hear kind words addressed to you!

anniversary 55 years woman congratulations colleague script

Of course, presenting a symbolic bouquet of fifty-five roses is a broad gesture that not everyone can afford. You can turn on your imagination and create your own masterpiece from flowers and accessories. Buy a beautiful bouquet of the birthday girl's favorite flowers and embellish it a bit with fifty-five multi-colored ribbons. They can be tied into beautiful bows and attached with a stapler to the packaging or wrapped around the stems of flowers. Give them to the birthday girl and say unusual congratulations for your female colleague on her anniversary.

So the anniversary has burst!
You are an example for all of us!
So beautiful, young
Smart, well-mannered.

We noticed a long time ago:
Only good comes from you.
Accept these flowers as a gift,
They are lovely and gentle.

And these ribbons are a symbol of happiness
So that there is no bad weather in life.
Each of them is like a past year,
Only happy, without adversity.

There are exactly 55 ribbons,
It's very easy to count
After all, this is a modest number.
And then - the canvas of life,
Let it be colorful!

Such congratulations will be very pleasant for a female colleague on her 55th birthday in verse. These lines can be written on a beautiful postcard and handed it along with the bouquet as a keepsake!

Sweet miracle

No holiday is complete without a gorgeous appetizing cake. But in honor of the anniversary, you can show originality and try to surprise the employee. Cupcakes are small cupcakes in a beautifully colored paper package. Such bright cakes look advantageous on a huge stand in the form of a cone or several circles, a pyramid. In addition, they are very convenient to eat, there is no need to stain excess dishes and cutlery.

congratulations for the woman colleagues on the anniversary of 55 years

Pleasant words

Order or bake yourself exactly as many cupcakes as the birthday girl is. Arrange these fabulous cupcakes on a beautiful stand and stick a small candle in each one. You can decorate them with icing, fruits, berries, marmalade or marshmallows. No one will give such congratulations to a female colleague on her 55th birthday!

Sweet cupcakes are just a feast for the eyes
This treat is very tasty!
Anniversary, happy birthday!
We want to wish you
Not subject to being for years.
You, like a butterfly, flutter,
You inspire us for everything.
Blow out the candles quickly
And make a wish.
It will be fulfilled in a moment, believe me
Open the door for a miracle soon.
May there be only joys in life
And delicious sweets on the table!
Best age 55,
You can work, sleep, walk,
Play with grandchildren and go to the registry office,
Defeat the whole country.
Enjoy your life to the fullest,
After all, you are still young!

It is very fun and grandiose to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the woman. Congratulations to a colleague, a script, a menu - all this needs to be thought out in advance, because it is so nice to give joy and fun! You can arrange contests, quizzes, if the audience allows, then outdoor games. Prepare small gifts for especially distinguished personalities.

congratulations for female colleagues on anniversary

Play harmony!

On such a significant day as an anniversary, you need to have fun from the heart and to the fullest. A modest tea party is not suitable for such a round date as two fives! Try to make the birthday girl laugh to tears, sing her perky ditties! For this action, you will need several assistants with pleasant voices. Learn ditties, tie bright scarves on your head. And to the sounds of an accordion, sing congratulations to your female colleague on her 55th birthday!

Oh, what a day today
You play, my accordion.
Petrovna 55,
Ripe raspberries again!
And blush, and slim,
I'm going to dance myself!
We wish you happiness,
Children, grandchildren, colleagues!
Let it be all five in life,
Happy Birthday!
We want to say in unison!
You are a colleague just a class
Help us out, cover us!
We'll go to a cafe now,
Your work is on the table!
This is a joke, don't be angry
Better dance!
We have seen a lot in life
But this is the first time.
At fifty-five years old young
It looks just class!
Ringing laughter, eyes are burning,
The fans are in a crowd!
What a marvel this is
You look so beautiful!
Happy anniversary dear
You are completely dear to us:
All day we are all together
As in a big friendly family!

Such funny ditties will delight the birthday girl. The main thing is more enthusiasm and artistry!

congratulations for a woman colleagues on the anniversary of 55 years in prose


Congratulate the hero of the occasion in an unusual way. She will need to find her birthday present in a small space. Quest is a great pastime for people of any age. But there is no need to complicate the task much, because today is such a solemn day. Upon arrival at work, the birthday girl should receive an envelope in which there will be a letter indicating where the next one is. So, step by step, the hero of the day will find her present. You can come up with small tricky tasks, riddles and puzzles. The last letter will contain heartfelt congratulations for her female colleague on her 55th anniversary in prose.

congratulations for a woman colleagues on the anniversary of 55 years in verse

  • “Dear and beloved Maria Petrovna! You are a wonderful person with a bright soul and a sharp mind! You cracked today's quest like a nut! Happy Birthday! Remain the same radiant, kind, sympathetic and beautiful woman! Your life has taken shape, now enjoy it, every moment and day! May luck haunt you, success will always be there, and happiness just does not come off! Happy anniversary, dear and beloved colleague! "

Such touching words will surely please the addressee. And an unusual congratulation in the form of a quest will be remembered for many years!

Treasured numbers

Fifty-five years is a big part of every person's life. Every year people begin to value every day they spend more and more. Therefore, do not skimp on kind words and wishes for the birthday girl. Cover her with compliments, flowers. Let the whole team feel needed and important. Throw a fun party with contests, skits, dances. It may not last long, but it will be remembered for the rest of your life. Choose the best congratulations for your female colleague on your 55th birthday!

best congratulations for a woman on an anniversary 55 years

Prepare a huge bouquet of flowers for the hero of the day, take bright photos. Such a date should be celebrated in a grand manner!

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