100 to 1. What is good for the child?

100 to 1. What is good for the child?

  • In Game 100 to 1 to the question What is good for a child? the following correct answers will be:

    First line MILK;

    Second line VITAMINS;

    Third position FRUIT;

    Fourth line PORRIDGE;

    Fifth line SLEEP;

    Sixth position FRESH AIR.

  • What is good for a child?

    Right answers on this question of the popular game "100 to 1"turned out to be like this:

    • milk
    • vitamins
    • fruit
    • porridge
    • dream
    • Fresh air

    These answer options will help you defeat your opponent in the game!

  • Benefits for the child.

    For full development, the child must necessarily consume foods rich in vitamins and calcium, and the players said that it is useful for the child:

    • milk,
    • vitamins,
    • fruit,
    • porridge,
    • sleep,
    • Fresh air.
  • В game 100 to 1 what is useful for a child correct answers:

    -Milk, a food rich in protein and trace elements

    -Vitamins, metabolic catalysts

    -Fruit, sources of these same vitamins, moreover, in natural, and unprocessed form

    -Porridge, just not semolina

    -Dreamlittle kids and dnm need to sleep

    -Fresh air, summer in the village is the most correct summer!

  • On the question of the game "100 to 1": What is useful for a child? most of the interviewed people responded in this way:

    1.Milk. ("Children drink milk - you will be healthy" (c)).

    2.Vitamins. (and trace elements).

    3.Fruit. (and vegetables).

    4.Porridge. (especially oatmeal and buckwheat).

    5.Dream. (in a dream, a person grows).

    6.Fresh air. (the body heals).

  • 100 to 1. What is good for a child?

    It seems to me that it is useful for a child to be more often in the fresh air, exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables and go to bed on time. And still you can remember the folk wisdom: Everything is useful that got into the mouth

    100 to 1. What is good for the child?

    If you look at the popular answers of people, then they called about the same things:






    Fresh air

  • What is good for a child? 100 to 1

    The following options for interesting answers to this very difficult question

    к "One hundred to one" should look like this:

    1. option - *milk* ;
    2. option - * vitamins * ;
    3. option - *fruits* ;
    4. option - *porridge* ;
    5. option - *sleep* ;
    6. option - *Fresh air* .

    Remember that the winner is always the one who dates in the correct sequence of correct answers ...

    100 to 1. What is good for the child?

  • What can be useful for a child, and such a question is asked by the game One hundred to one to its players and fans. And any parent knows that the child needs vitamins and they can be, as in the composition of products, there and bought in the pharmacy. the respondents answered:

    Milk is the first food a child needs from infancy.

    Vitamins - they are produced specifically for children and sold in the pharmacy

    Fruits are natural and essential vitamins

    Porridge-cereals are very useful for children.

    Sleep - it must be at least ten hours for good health

    Fresh air - you need to walk with your child every day.

  • 100 to 1. What is good for the child?

    For children, a lot of things are useful, but also a lot of harm. The main thing is to give them attention, because only usefulness will happen to him with the children. Well, this question should be answered in this way:

    • The first position is milk;
    • The second position is vitamins;
    • The third position is fruit;
    • The fourth position is porridge;
    • The fifth position is sleep;
    • Sixth position is fresh air.

    It is these answers that will turn out to be victorious, since they will bring you the most points.

  • It is useful to walk, eat fresh fruit, exercise moderately, and so on.

    The answers for the game one hundred to one are:






    Fresh air.

    Children need to be taken care of, especially the little ones. All an interesting game of one hundred to one!

  • 100 to 1 classmates

    Six most useful things for a child from playing 100 to 1 in Odnoklassniki:

    MILK - so that calcium naturally enters the baby's body

    VITAMINS - and even additional complexes in the form of tablets, in case there is a shortage of them in the products

    FRUIT - and better according to the season of their ripening

    PORRIDGE - here I do not know a myth, is it really useful

    SLEEP - I think the little man himself determines his day and night sleep rate

    FRESH AIR - this will not hurt everyone, and more, not only babies, you will even envy young parents who are forced to walk along the paths of the park with strollers-)

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