100 to 1. What kind of humor?

100 to 1. What kind of humor?

  • Humor is:

    Flamboyant humor

    Flat humor

    Subtle humor

    Female humor

    Male humor

    Soldier's humor

    Humor below the belt

    Children's humor

    Dirty humor

    Brilliant humor

    Ironic humor

    Satirical humor

    Parody humor

    Humorous humor

    Humor in the form of a joke, pun, cartoon and caricature.

    Maybe my tips will help you find the right answers to a question in 100 to 1. Good luck!

  • Humor can be:



    Below Belt



  • Humor happens like this:

    • flat humor
    • black humor
    • humor "below the belt"
    • children's humor
    • English humor
    • subtle humor
    • evil humor
    • good humor
    • female humor
    • male humor
    • Intellectual humor
    • sharp humor
    • military humor
    • specific humor
  • Quite a lot of definitions can be applied to the concept of "humor", with which it is used quite widely. Humor happens:

    1. Black;
    2. Flat;
    3. English;
    4. Thin;
    5. Kind;
    6. Odessa;
    7. "Below the belt";
    8. Evil;
    9. Soldier;
    10. Militia;
    11. Offensive;
    12. Lightweight

    • sparkling humor,
    • subtle humor,
    • black humor
    • sharp humor,
    • topical humor,
    • toilet humor,
    • scientific humor,
    • English humor,
    • Odessa humor,
    • offensive humor
    • Intellectual humor,
    • witty humor
    • flat humor.
  • Humor may be different, but here are the options that first come to mind:

    Black humor

    Black Humor

    Professional humor

    Flat humor

    Children's humor

    Below the belt humor

    Subtle humor

    English humor

    Russian humor

    Easy humor

  • Humor is of different kinds: the first one is black humor, secondly army, third forbidden humor, fourth adult, fifth thin, sixth sharp, seventh children's humor, eighth thin, ninth to the place or out of place and the tenth male.

  • The first thing that comes to mind is black humor.

    Then Russian humor, English, French.

    Just national can.

    Female or Male.

    Thin, hard, sharp.

    Game humor also happens, but obviously not everyone understands it.

    By professions can also be divided: medical, army, police, and so on.

  • Humor is great. Kind jokes, sarcasm, irony, anecdotes - humor can be different. But I, perhaps, will offer the following options:

    Humor can be "below the belt"

    humor can be black

    humor can be subtle

    humor can be cruel

    humor can be easy

    humor can be english

    humor can be russian

    humor can be national

  • Humor is:

    • 1 - English;
    • 2 - black;
    • 3 - play;
    • 3 - thin;
    • 4 - out of place / out of place;
    • 5 - sharp;
    • 6 - army;
    • 7 - for children;
    • 8 - adult;
    • 9 - prohibited;
    • 10 - popular;
    • 11 - virtual;
    • 12 - male.

  • Humor can be:

    army humor

    sparkling humor,

    male humor,

    subtle humor,

    female humor,

    black humor

    sharp humor,

    child humor

    toilet humor,

    stupid humor

    scientific humor,

    easy humor

    English humor,

    Odessa humor,

    hard humor

    offensive humor

    witty humor

    kind humor

    flat humor.

  • Humor can have a different color, for example:

    Black Humor

    Barracks humor

    Toilet humor

    Medical humor

    Flat humor

    Flamboyant humor

    Harmless humor

    cool humor

    Children's humor

    Female humor

    Male humor

    As well as national, for example:

    Jewish humor, Armenian and others

  • First, we will distribute humor according to the place of "habitation": Odessa, English humor;

    Then other options:

    - spirited humor,

    - humor,

    -subtle humor,

    - male humor and director humor (as usual the most infectious).

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