100 to 1. Your favorite dish of girls?

100 to 1. Your favorite dish of girls?

  • I can assume that most girls have a sweet tooth and love ice cream and various cakes. Especially when you consider that they often go on diets, and yet the forbidden fruit becomes even more desirable.

    100 to 1. Your favorite dish of girls?

    But, as it turned out, the most popular answers in the game were distributed quite differently:



    Ice cream,




  • Many girls love:

    1) Light low-calorie salad;

    2) Pizza;

    3) Kebab;

    4) Dumplings;

    5) Cutlets;

    6) Fruit Salad;

    7) Omelet;

    8) Cake, cake;

    9) Dessert;

    10) Ice Cream;

    11) Strawberries with whipped cream.

  • A girl is a favorite dish of guys, lovers, grooms, macho and just suitors. And what is the favorite dish of the girls themselves - ice cream, mojito, martini, pastry, desserts, cake, biscuits, rafaello, collection wine, champagne. chocolate, chocolates.

  • Most girls love:

    • cream cakes
    • ice cream
    • chocolate candies
    • yogurt
    • fruit
    • mushrooms
    • oatmeal
    • own juices
    • meat
    • burgers in the oven
    • cake
    • fried fish
    • strawberries with sour cream
    • sweet cottage cheese
    • pizza
    • barbecue
  • Many girls like to eat well, and some follow the figure. Perhaps they like these dishes:

    • fruit salads
    • vegetable salads,
    • yoghurts
    • red fish
    • cake,
    • Dessert,
    • meat,
    • muesli,
    • compotes.
  • On the question of the game "100 to 1": Favorite dish of girls? most of the interviewed people responded in this way:

    1.Salad. (And of course, vegetable diet).

    2.Sushi. (Japanese cuisine attracts girls).

    3.Ice cream. (and preferably with slices of fruit).

    4.Cake. (girls, for the most part, still those sweet tooth).

    5.Chocolate. (all types and colors).

    6.Pizza. (harmful of course, but delicious after all).

  • Favorite dish of girls:

    1. cake, cake
    2. sushi rolls
    3. pizza
    4. barbecue
    5. vegetable salad
    6. fruit salad
    7. yogurts, curds
    8. cocktails
    9. French fries
    10. ice cream
    11. candy
    12. condensed milk
    13. fruit
    14. dumplings, manti
    15. grilled chicken
    16. different tasty salads
    17. saltwort
    18. cutlets, hedgehogs
    19. cabbage rolls
  • My version. Girls love:

    1) chocolate desserts,

    2) vegetable salad,

    3) yogurts, curds, soufflé,

    4) kebab in good company,

    5) pasta, pasta,

    6) home-made signature dish that always succeeds.

  • Girls are so different. Someone with persistence watches his figure, sits constantly on diets, and someone does not refuse anything to himself, while their weight may be the same. What do girls like?

    1. Salads.
    2. Yoghurts.
    3. Ice cream.
    4. Cake.
    5. Juices.
    6. Fish
    7. Muesli.
    8. Bread rolls.
    9. Chocolate.
    10. Fruit.
  • Well, I don’t know how other people answered this question for the game 100 to 1, but I will name my most favorite dishes: Firstly, it is a chocolate cake, I also love ice cream, cake, fruit salads, chocolate covered strawberries - this is my favorite. Already drooling has flowed! Good luck to you.

  • lasagna


    chicken fillet with cream cheese sauce


    cheese soup

    carbonarra paste

    pasta bolognese

    chicken chops

    chicken cutlets

    chicken kebab


    fried pikeperch

    mashed potatoes

    custard cakes

    hoarfrost cake

    fruit salad

  • The girl’s favorite dish is that which her beloved man will cook :)

    All girls love sweets - chocolate, marmalade, marshmallow, marshmallow, halva - and of course sweet buns, gingerbread cookies, cookies, waffles, pastries, cakes.

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