100 to 1. What is the most famous redhead character?

100 to 1. What is the most famous redhead character?

  • Remembered from childhood - red-haired dad, red-haired grandfather, the whole world has become red... Well, the famous redheads

    Chubais, probably


    redhead, redhead, freckled, killed grandfather with a shovel



    Oleg Popov

    horse, remember the song performed by M. Boyarsky

  • It is not so easy to remember ginger characters right away - but everyone knows ginger cats, foxes and ginger freckled Antoshka:

    100 to 1. What is the most famous redhead character?

    • 33 points - Antoshka
    • 22 points - cat
    • 15 points - fox
    • 10 points - clown
    • 7 points - Carlson
    • 3 points - Chubais (I would never have thought of this answer))

  • The most famous redhead character? 100 to 1

    Variants of the following very interesting answers to a difficult question

    to everyone's favorite game "One hundred to one" should be like this:

    1. option - * Antoshka * ;
    2. option - *cat* ;
    3. option - *a fox* ;
    4. option - *clown* ;
    5. option - * Carlson * ;
    6. option - * Chubais * .

    100 to 1. What is the most famous redhead character?

    The winner in the game is always the one who indicates exactly the correct answers ...

  • What's the most famous redhead character?

    1. Chubais,
    2. Andrey Apollonov from "Ivanushki",
    3. Fox,
    4. Antoshka,
    5. Carlson,
    6. Cat,
    7. Clown,
    8. Nicole Kidman,
    9. Lindsay Lohan.

    Of course there are more of them. But that's all I could remember.

  • In the popular game, 100 to 1 to the question The most famous red-haired character? you should choose the following answers:

    • Antoshka;
    • cat;
    • a fox;
    • clown;
    • Carlson;
    • Chubais.

    These answers are the most popular, and therefore can lead to victory.

  • On the question of the game "100 to 1": The most famous redhead? most of the interviewed people responded in this way:

    1.Antoshka. (from a series of cartoons).

    2.Cat. (either from the cartoon about the parrot Kesha, or Leopold, or Garfield).

    3.A fox. (sly cheat).

    4.Clown. (his wig is that color).

    5.Carlson(he has fiery red hair).

    6.Chubais. (power engineer).

  • Cat


    A fox




    This is how these characters should sound in the answer in the popular game. 100 to 1... Although I would name other red-haired characters, but that is what it is. And have to put up with the opinion of the crowd

  • The most famous redhead is Chubais. You can also remember Antoshka. Ivanushka is also red. Ginger can be freckled. The clown can also be red. Red is usually a fox. Other answer options are Dzhigurda and a cockroach. These are the correct answers in the game.

  • Antoshka redhead, killed grandfather with a shovel, have you seen such a cartoon?

    Cat, I have, for example, a redhead than not a character.

    A fox, the personification of cunning.

    Clown, his wig is red.

    Carlson, like he was red.

    Chubais, also got into characters.

  • 100 to 1. What is the most famous redhead character?

    The most famous is Antoshka from the cartoon of the same name.

    100 to 1. What is the most famous redhead character?

    We have known him since childhood. In addition, I remember the red-haired clown (there is a white or sad clown, and there is a red-haired one) and a red-haired one from Ivanushki International.

    And here are the answers that can bring victory in a game 100 to 1:



    A fox




  • The most famous redhead character?

    Right answers on this game question "100 to 1"will be like this:

    • Antoshka
    • cat
    • a fox
    • clown
    • Carlson
    • Chubais

    It is these answers that will bring victory in the game. Answer and win! Good luck!

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