100 to 1. What (who) is the fastest speed?

100 to 1. What (who) is the fastest speed?

  • The first thing that comes to mind about the greatest speed of movement of a person / animal or any object is:

    • spaceship / rocket
    • asteroid / comet
    • supersonic planes
    • car formula 1
    • race cars
    • athletes running at different distances
    • cheetahs in the african savannah
  • The highest speed:

    Jaguar (and what about the animal, that of Mashisha)





    football player





    the universe


    Oh Sveta

  • To the question for today's game "What (who) has the highest speed?" a frequent response from players was a cheetah, and there were still such options:

    40 - cheetah

    80 - rocket

    120 - plane

    160 - ???

    200 - light

    240 - car

    Having answered this way, you can score the maximum number of 840 points. Good luck in the game!

  • Such phenomena as have the greatest speed -

    1 - The speed of light.

    2 - Speed ​​of sound.

    3 - The speed of the bullet fired.

    4 - The speed of the flying arrow / spear.

    5 - Rocket speed.

    6 - Airplane / helicopter speed.

    7 - Wind speed.

    8 - The speed of the "shooting star (meteor).

    9 - Flight speed of the Falcon (eagle, bird).

    10 - Speed ​​of the boat.

    11 - The speed of a sports car (racer).

    12 - Sports bike speed.

    13 - Sports bike speed.

    14 - Speed ​​of Cheetah / Jaguar (and other cats).

    15 - The speed of the hound dog.

    16 - Athlete runner speed.

    17 - Mouse speed (running away from the cat)

    18 - Flying saucer speed.

    19 - The speed of radio waves / radioactive waves.

  • 160 car or motorcycle. This has not been solved.

  • It was perfectly clear and long known that the greatest speed was in thought.

    The speed of light is also very high.

    The speed of sound is great, but it does have supersonic airplanes that exceed e by three times.

    Great speed of Love and Dream.

  • 160 machine. Previously not guessed. Through the fraction motorcycle.

  • Cheetah has the highest speed

    Great speed at the jaguar

    Also, the speed of a large sports car

    Do rockets or planes

    At a cameo or asteroid

    Athlete's high speed in athletics

    There is a strong speed near the wind

    High speed when fighting a crocodile or snake

    At the meteor

    Great speed on the Internet

    High speed at the hawk during the attack


    The speed of the cast

    A technical car can have high speed ...

  • To the question "What has the highest speed" you can give the following answers:

    • the highest speed at the rocket;
    • the car has the highest speed;
    • the fastest speed is the speed of light;
    • the cheetah has the highest speed;
    • the highest speed at the fired bullet;
    • the highest particle velocity in a large andron collider;
    • the highest wind speed;
    • the highest speed on the Internet;
    • the highest speed is the laser pulse.
  • 40 - cheetah

    80 - rocket

    120 - plane

    160 - car / motorcycle

    200 - light

    240 - car

  • We all know from the school physics course that light waves have the highest speed.

    In addition, a rather high speed

    Xnumx) cheetah;

    2) supersonic aircraft;

    3) a space rocket or ship;

    4) perhaps the participants will remember about the "Peregrine Falcon" train, by the way, the peregrine falcon's speed is also considerable;

    5) with the world champion in running;

    6) may be in a race car;

    7) in cosmic bodies, for example, in a comet or meteorite;

    8) for elementary particles in the hadron collider;

    9) the rider, after all.

    I hope that the options I have proposed will help the participants of the game "One hundred to one" guess the correct answers.

    I wish everyone good luck in the game!

  • ferrari






  • I think it's still a cheetah. I saw him speeding almost like a car. And if you choose not from the animal world, then apparently missiles and jet planes. our sun shines and we use it, so the speed of light has long been calculated and that in general it can be faster than this speed - the speed of light.

  • high speed happens:

    speed of light;

    in a cheetah;

    at a race car;

    a Formula 1 car;

    in supersonic airplanes;

    high speed at the fired bullet;

    in a comet asteroid;

    at the rocket;

    high speed internet;

    these options came to my mind) 0

  • The highest speed is the speed in the black hole. In many cases the speed of light increases. The speed that stops time

  • The speed of sound (it is not for nothing that we often use the expression "with the speed of sound" in speech)

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