Is Supernatural Season 11 Last?

Is Supernatural Season 11 Last?

  • The mystical series "Supernatural" is a long-liver, the premiere of the first season took place on September 13, 2005, and since that moment 10 more seasons of the series have been released. The creators wanted to close the Winchester Brothers series earlier, but the series has a very good rating. Therefore, season 11 was released and it consists of 23 episodes. The CW did not announce that this season will be the last, but there is no information about the filming of the next one either.

  • To be honest, sometimes it seems to me that he will surpass the series "Santa Barbara", I think the directors will try something new. In this series, it seems like everything suits, and the plot and each time new tasks for the heroes, only one thing worries, whining brothers when they are almost every series pour out their souls to each other. Let's be optimists, we will look forward to the continuation.

  • No, this season is far from the last; the actors signed a contract until 2017.

    Therefore, at least another 12th season will be released.

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