Anatoly Chubais - what was useful for Russia? What is he doing now?

Anatoly Chubais - what was useful for Russia? What is he doing now?

  • The first and most famous thing Chubais did was make everyone pay for energy resources. Now you will not surprise anyone with a disconnection for non-payment. And in those days, even such a thing could not have come to mind. People have not paid for apartments and electricity for years (I have met such people). Not because there was no money, but simply did not pay and that's it. Enterprises were also reluctant to pay off their debts. Everyone, especially non-payers, were outraged about this. Impunity corrupts. Remember how everyone began to hate Chubais for this? But gradually we were accustomed to timely payment. But his dislike for Chubais remained. Probably moved to the genetic level. Many do not even remember why they have such dislike for Anatoly Borisovich.

  • Chubais is a mediocre manager (manager), a native of the political Olympus from the 90s, a "hands-on" innovator. If you trace the entire chain of his reign in various senior positions, you get the impression that wherever his hand joins, a mess and devastation begins, you don't have to go far for an example, this is the privatization of 1991-1997, the result is still raking, from 1998 to 2008 headed RAO "UES of Russia", during his reign there was a large-scale accident in the power system of Moscow, the Moscow region, as well as a number of regions in 2005, one of the high-ranking leaders of the Russian power industry involved in the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP.

    I’m just not talking about his current job as head of Rusnano (Russian corporation of nanotechnologies), “ripped” the money, invented an uncompetitive phone with “shit design” and a crude operating system.

    Anatoly Chubais still works at Rusnano Management Company with a salary of about 15-20 million rubles a year, so his declared income for 2013 is 23 rubles and 072 rubles for 623. But the main income comes from operations with securities.

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