What is Tatyana Navka interested in since 2015, becoming the wife of Dmitry Peskov?

What is Tatyana Navka interested in since 2015, becoming the wife of Dmitry Peskov?

  • After the Olympic victory in Turin, Tatyana Navka became a participant (and winner) of ice shows on television, which gained high ratings ("Ice Age", "Stars on Ice", "Ice and Fire", "Big City Lights").

    Tatiana, in addition to figure skating, is fond of dancing: she took part in the ballroom dance competition "Dance Eurovision", in which she took second place (together with Alexander Litvinenko).

    Tatiana represents Oriflame - she is the face of this company.

    She was also a confidant of the Prime Minister and presidential candidate Vladimir Putin (2012).

    For three years, Tatiana has been conducting gala evenings, holidays, corporate parties.

    Tatyana is fond of music, cinema, skiing, horse riding, loves to cook.

    Tatyana's dream is to star in a feature film, to learn how to sing professionally. I think that with a husband like Dmitry Peskov, her dreams will soon come true.

  • Tatiana Navka did not like her last name in childhood, because the boys teased her - "Navka-cosmonaut", but later it turned out that "navka" means "mermaid". Having become the wife of Dmitry Peskov, Tatyana Aleksandrovna loves to work with their joint daughter, who has already turned two whole years old. In any case, T. Navka constantly leads an active and healthy lifestyle. So, she loves skiing, dreams of doing acting and even singing on stage, since Tatyana once sang a duet with Mikhail Boyarsky a little experience in this. She also loves horses very much.

    Tatiana Navka; Makeup; Peskov's wife

    By the way, Tatyana Navka unexpectedly appeared in public without makeup and perfectly styled hair, which caused a storm of emotions among the fans, many simply did not recognize. Now Navka spends a lot of time in Sochi, as she prepares to perform in an ice show. And more recently, Dmitry Peskov and Tatiana celebrated their chintz wedding with a romantic dinner. Rumor has it that the couple is ready to give birth to a baby again, but this is already from the category of rumors 🙂

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