What's more important: Money, Power or Love?

What's more important: Money, Power or Love?

  • Health is most important, there will be no health, there will be no money, and if there is, then you will spend on health. There is no love without health.

  • Love is most important, ordinary unconditional true love. Without love, there is no future for power, money, and whatever you touch.

  • Oddly enough, but over time, a person begins to understand that the most important thing for him in life is to be healthy. Morally and physically. If this will not happen, all his dreams and aspirations will become impracticable. What is the money that the person himself invented! Just paper and metal signs. When there are many of them, problems begin. There are many examples in our life. Power. Any power spoils, so we say. What kind of good can you expect from a spoiled person ?! Love remains. Earlier I read somewhere and remember well the expression that love is a talent. And since there are really talented people among us once, twice and, then true love, which really is of lasting value, does not come to everyone. It's a pity of course.

  • Most important is the presence of all three components. Money, and if you mean very big money, always demands power for self-preservation. Power without money is not possible by definition. Well, love always exists and if not for someone or something, then for money or power definitely. These categories do not exist without each other.

  • The question is really interesting. I believe that all three qualities are needed in the modern world. Money is needed in order to eat, dress and just live very well, love is for comfort, happiness, and faith is needed to hope for the best, you simply cannot live without it.

  • You will not believe, but health and correct attitude to life. Including money, power and love. And if you continue to be clever, then "Letting you defeat any enemy, the most important thing is victory over yourself" Power over oneself is real power ...

  • If there is money and there will be power, if there is power, then there will be money, but if there is love, then money is not needed, not power. Love is not just for someone, but precisely when a person feels free from desires, simply because he loves life in all its manifestations.

  • Love .. Everything else becomes irrelevant without not. It can easily replace both money and power. Power and money will never replace love ..

  • The most important thing is Love.

    Easily provable.

    Without Love for power, there will be no power.

    Without Love for money, there will be no money.

  • The question is very relevant in modern society. It cannot be denied that money has significant power over all other areas of society. And most likely, money can buy a lot that contributes to the emergence of the emotions we need, while we live in a society where money is needed, our happiness will depend on them, but the question is what is needed in order to want to receive them, because initially we need motivation. and this motivation is a manifestation of love. After all, love can be not only for a person. Therefore, we put love first, and money second. And what about power? E can be achieved with proper allocation of funds.

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