What do "Hearts" mean in Periscope?

What do "Hearts" mean in Periscope?

  • The Periscope application is gradually gaining momentum and gaining a lot of fans

    A very interesting idea to broadcast actually live

    Hearts in Periscope are the same likes as in regular social networks

    The only difference is that you can bet as many hearts as you like, not just one.

    For more details about likes (aka hearts) in Periscope, read HERE

  • Hearts in the Periscope app are called likes. These hearts can be clicked when you want to express your love for a broadcast.

    In principle, now all social networks have likes, including the periscope.

  • Hearts in Periscope mean the same as like in other social media. networks, that is, popularity.

    You can get hearts both during the broadcast itself and during subsequent views.

    To put hearts in Periscope, you just need to knock on the screen, that is, double-tap the screen during the broadcast.

    What do "Hearts" mean in Periscope?

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