The diameter of the moon, what?

The diameter of the moon, what?

  • This characteristic of the Moon differs in several sources found (rounded in different ways, apparently). If compared with the diameter of the Earth, it will be about 3 / 11 (from the earth).

    Having rounded up to integers, we get the figure - 3 475 kilometers (there is a slightly different figure - 3476 km, both of them are suitable for the answer in the game "Hot and cold").

  • The diameter of the moon is 3 474.8 kilometers, and the diameter of the Earth is 12 742 km. The moon, as we know, is a natural satellite of the earth, by the way the fifth largest in our solar system, among natural satellites. The moon can influence not only the ebb and flow, but also the growth of plants and our mood.

  • An interesting question, which, I think, we all went through at school.

    The diameter of the moon is 3 474.8 kilometers.

    The Moon is the natural satellite closest to the Sun of our planet Earth.

    The average distance from the centers of the Earth and the Moon is about 384 467 kilometers.

    A man could visit the moon.

  • Of course, the MOON is a kind of natural satellite, a rocky spherical body without atmosphere and life. Its diameter is three thousand four hundred and seven, four kilometers, that is, if to explain by simple it is a little more than a quarter of the diameter of the Earth.

  • Seeing the moon in the night sky is a very beautiful sight.

    The question about diameter by the way is quite popular on the Internet.

    It is not surprising that they want to know the answer

    The diameter of the moon is 3 474 km.

    This is the diameter of a satellite of the Earth.

    That is why children want to become astronauts - they want to visit the moon

  • 3 474.8 km

    If you round up, you get the number 3 475 (for the game, too, is suitable). The diameter of the Earth is 12 742 km, the difference of these two large celestial bodies is approximately 3,5 times. But the mass of the moon, much smaller than our planet, is about 1 / 81 (Moon / Earth).

  • The diameter of the moon is, according to various sources, 3474 - 3476 kilometers.

    The distance between the centers of the Earth and the Moon on the average is 384 467 km, this is about 30 of the Earth's diameters.

    In the task of the game, the answer is correct 3475 kilometer.

  • It would be good to know this figure not only for playing "Hot-Cold", but also so, for general development. For example, I did not know, the more interesting it was to learn that the diameter of the Earth's satellite, the Moon, is approximately 3475 kilometers. Very modest in size by cosmic standards.

  • A good question, I have always been interested in planets and their satellites.

    So our moon Luna has a huge diameter.

    3478.8 kilometers.

    It is only several times smaller than the diameter of the Earth.

    This may be the answer to the hotly cold, I remember such a question)

  • An interesting task from the field of astronomy, the answer to which - I think it may be useful not only for amateurs games "Hot and cold" in Odnoklassniki.

    Unfortunately, for some reason, both in the Soviet Union and in modern Ukraine, astronomy has always been on the sidelines of educational programs. But if in the USSR, this course was allocated, if I'm not mistaken, 70 hours of the curriculum, now, with the exception of profile classes, only 34! As far as I know, in Russia the situation is not the best.

    One gets the impression that officials from the Ministry of Education never admired, even in childhood, the beauty of the starry sky, and did not meet with the beloved under the Moon. Therefore, there arise such elementary questions as this one, answer alas, most people, alas, did not learn at school.

    Thus, it is necessary to remember that the average diameter of the moon, is (approximately) the fourth part of the average diameter of the Earth (12742 km), and is equal to 3474,2 kilometers.

    The diameter of the moon, what?

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