If you knit blankets from high-quality (= expensive) yarn, will there be a demand for them?

If you knit blankets from high-quality (= expensive) yarn, will there be a demand for them?

  • Keep in mind that there is a crisis now, people at such a time are not so willing to buy durable goods, and even not cheap. They can buy this as a souvenir, but it's hard to say just from an unknown master.

    When selling handmade products, the main thing is to find your niche. In my opinion, sales of such goods on Instagram are going well, you just need to create an interesting account, in order to increase the number of subscribers and recruit the target audience, they usually conduct all sorts of contests, sweepstakes, etc. Well, a fair of masters to help.

    In any case, if you want to try something, it is better, as they say, to do and regret than not to do and regret. I just would advise you to take a more pragmatic approach to this and carefully calculate the risks.

  • I think yes. Especially if you organize the sales process correctly, it will work. Moreover, such a powerful tool as the Internet is always at hand. Moreover, sales can be organized at the initial stage at no cost.

    You can advertise on message boards. You can make your own website for free, now there are many resources for this.

    You can create your own affiliate program, and pay a percentage of the sale to those who will sell your blankets.

    In general, I don't think you should worry about sales. There will be demand.

    See for yourself how much Chinese, sorry, crap, is sold - and not bought. And they will buy a quality item in any case.

    Go for it, you will succeed!

  • Now there is an anecdotal situation on the yarn market. Expensive yarn is not always of high quality, and high quality is not necessarily expensive.

    Handmade blankets can be sold like this:

    If you knit blankets from high-quality (= expensive) yarn, will there be a demand for them?

    And you can:

    If you knit blankets from high-quality (= expensive) yarn, will there be a demand for them?

    Please tell me which of the two examples carries more information for your customers and encourages them to buy? Provided that we are talking about the same product?

    The second post will come in handy for your hobby colleagues - what yarn is it from, what is its price.

    But for a person who wants a warm, beautiful, and most importantly - a unique blanket, it is completely purple, as they were called, and how much the thread from which it was knitted cost.

    Maximum - the buyer will take an interest in the composition and care technology.

    The cost, manufacturer, and origin of the yarn only matters to you, the knitter. And 90% of your buyers sincerely do not understand the difference between alpaca, merino and outbred sheep.

    And they are more likely to "bite" on a product made of acrylic or microfiber, only for its bright color or attractive appearance and tactile sensations.

    And the cost of raw materials does not bother them at all.

    The person will buy a blanket from you, and will forget to specify that this is a gift for a newborn. Or even does not consider it necessary to clarify. He buys, pays a lot of money, and brutally sprinkles the child on this blanket, despite the cost of elite wool.

    There will always be a demand for knitted blankets. But it is better to knit them from objectively expensive yarn on order, and not for sale.

  • There is a very good saying - "I am not rich enough to buy cheap things." Yes, someone will say something like “we don’t live like that” or “the rich have their own quirks”, everyone may be right in their own way until they start using the purchased product.

    I do not know the properties of the yarn, so it is difficult for me to guess the service life of certain products. But at one time I had a chance to encounter car parts. Take, for example, a wheel bearing - "consumer goods", of which the shaft on the market costs $ 50 and takes 2-3 years, and the original one costs $ 80 and I will not look into it for at least 10 years - can you catch the difference ?! Therefore, sane people will not succumb to cheapness, no matter how skinny their wallet may seem.

    Try and you push off with such considerations. Probably many will do the same when there is an alternative in the range.

  • First, you need to research the market for demand and sales method, at the same time - raw sources. The price of the goods is influenced by the price of the material. If you find Russian or Asian suppliers of woolen thread, the price of a blanket may go down. The demand for a product's color is variable.

    There are many military men, policemen, judges with large salaries in Russia now, military pensioners, their families live well and they are able to buy good things.

    In addition to making high-quality beautiful woolen blankets, it is necessary to start selling, preferably by order. Sales search is a separate topic. It is advisable to entrust it to a specialist one-time or permanently.

    Without preliminary work, it is difficult to say whether there will be a demand for blankets or not.

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