Game 94% Wizards use it, what?

Game 94% Wizards use it, what?

  • 1) Stick, this answer allows you to score 38 points;

    2) A spell, this answer allows you to score 15 points;

    3) Magic, this answer allows you to score 14 points;

    4) Hat, this answer allows you to score 11 points;

    5) Potion, this answer allows you to score 9 points;

    6) Robe, this answer allows you to score 4 points;

    7) Book, this answer allows you to score 3 points;

  • To the question of the game 94% that the wizards use the answers, everyone who read the books about Harry Potter will give the correct answers. The correct answers in Russian would be:

    the first is a wand, the first assistant of the wizard will take 38 percent

    the second is spells, you cannot do without them, 15 percent

    the third is magic, a general concept and it gained 14 percent

    the fourth is a hat, not everyone is wearing and 11 percent is received

    sixth - a potion, not every wizard can brew potions and here we have 9 percent

    seventh - the mantle, the usual everyday clothes of the wizard and 4 percent

    eighth - a book, there is all the knowledge of the wizard's ancestors - only 3 percent of the votes

  • A wizard is a wizard, to use anything for his own purposes, it can be some kind of object, a magic wand, a book or something else, various spells and potions, an invisibility cap and his magic mantle, in general, wizards have many opportunities ... Here are some of the magic gadgets that make it into the game:

    1. Wand
    2. Spell
    3. Magic
    4. Hat
    5. Potion
    6. Mantle
    7. BOOK
  • For those who have watched the Harry Potter films, the answer to this task is as easy as shelling pears. Of course it will be a magic wand. But the answer cannot be limited to this. Wizards use spells, and the wand only helps the execution

    Survey participants answered:

    Game 94% Wizards use it, what?

  • Wizards, including witches and sorcerers, use in their activities a wide variety of objects and attributes that make clients believe in their power and strength - here are some of them:

    1 (38%) - Stick;

    2 (15%) - Spell;

    3 (14%) - Magic;

    4 (11%) - Hat;

    5 (9%) - Potion;

    6 (4%) - Robe;

    7 (3%) - Book.

  • Different wizards have their own attributes in order to achieve their goal, to conjure something.

    Some use various magic items for this, others just say a spell, a magic word.

    The correct answers to this question would be:

    Game 94% Wizards use it, what?

    It is this order of answers that will bring you the cherished 94 percent.

  • Children and many adults like to watch movies and read books where wizards are present. Many of these sorcerers use similar magical items, or wear the same outfit, emphasizing their status. Here's what most wizards have in common:

    Game 94% Wizards use it, what?

  • Game 94% Wizards use it, what?

    We can earn 38 percent for used by wizards - Wand

    Get 15 percent for the magic - Spell

    We'll count 14 percent for magic - Magic

    11 percent will go to the magic - Hat

    9 percent brings magic - Potion

    4 percent will add the answer - Mantle

    3 percent is awarded for - The book.

  • Wizards use it- correct answer to the game 94%

    - Wand apparently magic - the answer is gaining 38 percent.

    - Spell - the answer is gaining 15 percent.

    - Magic- the answer is gaining 14 percent.

    - Hat - the answer is gaining 11 percent.

    - Potion witchcraft - the answer is gaining 9 percent.

    - Mantle - the answer is gaining 4 percent.

    - Book - the answer is gaining 3 percent.

  • The answers will be as follows:

    Wand - receives 38 percent.

    Spell - it will be 15 percent.

    Magic - plus another 14 percent.

    Hat - an additional 11 percent.

    Potion of witchcraft - that's another 9 percent.

    Mantle - adds 4 percent.

    BOOK - the remaining 3 percent.

    Game 94% Wizards use it, what?

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