Game "Guess the Word (Four Clues)" Vkontakte What is the answer to level 31?

Game "Guess the word (Four tips)" Vkontakte What is the answer to level 31?

  • did not pay attention to the fact that the level is already 31)) this is a duplicate)))

  • The correct answer at level 31 of the game is the word DUPLICATE. According to the clue words presented at this level of the game: copy, double, copy and replacement, we can easily guess the correct answer. All success in the game!

  • Hint words doubled, copy, replacement suggest that it is necessary to guess a word of 8 letters with the same meaning. If a copy, then a document, work of art or device, and if the second copy of a key, then it is a DUPLICATE. This word will be the correct answer.

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