Game "Vybiraika" in classmates level 40. What reply?

Game "Vybiraika" in classmates 40 level. What reply?

  • At level 40 of the game, you need to choose what is the state symbol of Ireland: a maple leaf or a clover leaf. The maple leaf is more related to Canada, it is depicted on the flag of that country. The green clover leaf is the national symbol of Ireland, and this is the right answer. Select the picture with the inscription - Clover.

  • There are two pictures in the pictures: a maple leaf and a clover. Maple Leaf is always present in Canada, in almost all characters. Therefore clover refers to the symbolism of such a state as Ireland.

  • So at level 40 we have two leaves - one maple, and the other a clover leaf. So the clover leaf is the symbol of Ireland. The maple leaf, in turn, is a symbol of Canada. The answer is a sheet Clover

  • At the 40 level, you need to find out what is the symbol of Ireland, a maple leaf or clover and select the appropriate picture. Maple leaf is a symbol of Canada, which means clover will be a symbol of Ireland.

    The answer is - CLOVER.

  • Here the question is not very complicated, if you understand what is at stake. The symbol of Ireland will definitely be CLOVER , it is present with them almost everywhere. But the Maple Leaf is more to Canada, it is even depicted on their national flag. So with all confidence it can be argued that the correct option would be the picture on the right, which depicts a clover.

  • Actually, the kln is a symbol of Canada. Thus, it turns out that the symbol of Ireland is nothing but a clover. Clover trefoil has long been a symbol of Ireland, and in this case it is also the correct answer to the question.

    Game "Vybiraika" in classmates 40 level. What reply?

  • I know for sure that clover is highly respected in Ireland, so there was no doubt that at the fortieth level of the game "Choose" you need to choose a trefoil.

    Also, as we are looking for lilac flowers with five petals to make a wish, so in Ireland, four leaf leaves are considered lucky.

    And the maple leaf is the state symbol of Canada, on their flag it is in the center.

    Game "Vybiraika" in classmates 40 level. What reply?

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