From which film is the phrase: "How much I stabbed, how much did I cut ..."?

From which movie is the phrase: "How much I stabbed, how much did I cut ..."?

  • The phrase "How many I stabbed, how many I cut, how many souls I ruined" sounded in the popular comedy directed by Alexander Sery "Gentlemen of Fortune"... The phrase was uttered by the Associate Professor, performed by Evgeny Leonov, after Nikola Pitersky gave the Associate Professor a kick.

  • "Gentlemen of Fortune", the protagonist performed by Yevgeny Leonov, intimidates inmates.

    After "Morgaly I will knock out", Nikola Pitersky's nerves can not stand it and he knocks on the cell door, looking for salvation from the guards.

  • Remembering the good old films again. The phrase belonged to Associate Professor - Yevgeny Leonov in the film "Gentlemen of Fortune" directed by Alexander Sery.

    I am very sorry that a remake of this film was filmed, which, in my opinion, is inferior to the original in everything.

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