What is the best way to store CDs, DVDs and videotapes?

What is the best way to store CDs, DVDs and videotapes?

  • Well, CD / DVD does not create any particular problems. You need to store them in plastic boxes. Videotapes are more complicated. Store in a box or box. A prerequisite for storing videotapes is a ventilated space. Otherwise, a white bloom forms on the film (either mold, or something else). The tape must be rewound once a year. Well, now it makes no sense to store tapes. Modern technologies allow you to digitize your entire archive. The best option is a USB video capture card.

  • I keep them in a separate box (I took the middle box from the store, decorated it so that the view was beautiful) and put it there)

  • In principle, there is no need to store films on cassettes, any film can be found on the Internet, for this reason, if you do not want to part with a film, you can download it to digital media. And what you filmed needs to be urgently converted into digital form, since the tapes are remagged between the layers of the tape and artifacts appear, over time which becomes more and more. It is necessary to store your records on at least two storage media and periodically check their status. I store my photos on mikroSD and an external hard drive. I save videos on two hard drives.

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