How to nourish dry, damaged hair?

How to nourish dry, damaged hair?

  • The best way to repair dry and damaged hair is to apply masks based on oils. Burdock oil, for example, works well, but you can get by with simple olive or vegetable oil. The oil can be slightly warmed, but not hot.

    If you have combination hair i.e. with dry ends and quickly oily roots, apply the mask only to the hair itself, avoiding the roots.

  • For nourishing dry porous hair, oils are suitable - the best is unrefined coconut. But it should be used in moderation and is best combined with other oils such as almond or shea butter.

    And dry hair is very fond of silicones - since the structure of dry hair is usually porous, silicones fill the empty structure of the hair, and make it denser and more manageable. It is best to use professional brands such as Kaaral, Kapous, Estel and others. Regular store-bought shampoos and masks will not give this effect.

  • I do a hair mask once a week. The hair stopped falling out, became silky, and combed better. I buy extra virgin olive oil. I heat it in a water bath, about half a glass, but only so that it is not hot, warm, and rub it all over the length of the hair, from the roots of the head to the ends. I put on a hat for my hair, and wrap it all in a towel. You need to walk like this for 2 to 4 hours, and it is better to make such a mask at night. Then wash your hair well with shampoo. Even after the first application of this mask, you will immediately see what your hair will look like and will be stunned.

  • I understand your problem ... I advise you to restore the hair structure hair mask Melting nourishing, this is from the horsepower series, moreover, it also promotes hair growth well.

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