How to draw the shelves?

How to draw the shelves?

    • First you need to draw the base of the shelf. It will be a rectangle located in the center of the sheet.
    • Then draw a horizon line that crosses the base exactly in the center.
    • Next, mark the center of the horizon.
    • The next step is: drawing the shelves below the horizon line. Just two. Equally spaced from each other, from the center, from the horizon.
    • We do the same with the upper shelves.
    • Next, we bring the corners of the base with a line to the vanishing point, making a perspective base.
    • Then we turn the same thing with the shelves.
    • Next you need to draw the back wall of the shelf. To do this, take a point on the upper left perspective base, the closer it is to the center, the deeper your shelves will be. Then lower the vertical down. Continue until you hit the next line of the perspective base. Then lead e to the right until you meet the next base. Now up and to the left. If you did everything correctly, then come to the point from which you started the path.
    • We mark the places of contact of the shelves with the back wall. To do this, you need to connect a segment where the perspective lines of the shelf meet the back wall. Do this for each shelf.
    • Now you can erase construction lines.


  • You can draw the shelves like this: first a sketch, then the details of the drawing (horizontal lines, vertical, interior items on them).

    Also, step-by-step video instructions for drawing shelves will help you get the image right.

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