What is the name of the city on Kotlin Island?

What is the name of the city on Kotlin Island?

  • Kotlin Island is located in the Gulf of Finland, directly opposite the city of St. Petersburg. The name of the city that is located on this island is known to almost everyone who was interested in Russian history.

    The answer is KRONSTADT

  • Few people have not heard the name of Kotlin Island, this fortress, which is the gateway to our northern capital, St. Petersburg, and whose significance was so appreciated by Peter 1. It is the main naval base of the Baltic Fleet, whose cannons helped Leningrad withstand the difficult days of the blockade. This is the city of military glory KRONSTADT, which I would not hesitate to award the title of Hero City.

  • Kotlin Island in the Gulf of Finland is located less than 30 km from St. Petersburg, with an area of ​​about 16 km, has only one settlement - the Kronstadt fortress. The history of Kronstadt goes back several centuries, including Russian possession and Swedish possession. This is a very beautiful city, with a magnificent past for the history of Russia, with remarkable monuments, with the world-famous Kronstadt footstock, which determines the relative (from the level of the Baltic Sea) height above sea level.

    Another personal attraction for me, or rather one of the personal reference points, my mother was born in Kronstadt. This is a little bit of my small homeland.

  • The correct answer is Kronstadt. The Kronstadt fortress was founded by Peter I to defend Petersburg from the side of the Gulf of Finland. The city's coat of arms depicted a cauldron on a green island. According to legend, Russian soldiers found this cauldron on the island, where Kronstadt was later located. The island was named Kotlin, and the port founded on it was originally called the Fortress on Kotlinna Island. Later the port was renamed Kronstadt, which means "crown city". The city's coat of arms depicted a lighthouse with a golden lantern and an imperial crown. This emphasized that Kronstadt became the defense of St. Petersburg and the capital of the Russian fleet.

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