What is the name of a draw in chess?

What is the name of a draw in chess?

  • If during the game one of the parties cannot use its rules and respond to the other player with its own move, and the king is not in check, then the chess game ends in a draw or stalemate.

    A stalemate is a game of draw in chess.

  • The chess terms "draw" and "kilt" are familiar to me. Probably they, these terms, are from another game. The position of "check" in chess means that the king is under attack by any of the opponent's pieces. A draw in chess can be recognized with the consent of the opponents or in the "stalemate" position. In this position, one of the kings and all his pieces are unable to move for any reason - all available squares are under attack or the pieces are blocked.

    The correct answer to your question is PAT.

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