How to treat those who like to play in public?

How to treat those who like to play in public?

  • Treat them like actors: play well - you give them flowers and applause, bad - you can throw rotten tomatoes ...

    In general, such people are rarely pleasant, and therefore it is best to keep communication with them to a minimum. If this is a random person - pass by, ignoring his remarks and "good intentions", you will save a lot of nerves. If you have to contact such a person regularly (colleagues, neighbors, etc.), then you can nod your head in response, say: "Yes, yes, of course", pretend that you are very busy (and if the person does not understand, then tell him directly about it), throw all his boring things out of my head and focus on my problems instead of thinking about how to relate to them (a lot of honor, it seems to me) ...

  • I completely agree that we meet such personalities and my opinion do not keep close to you such acquaintances, because in the end you can specifically disgrace yourself in front of others.

    After all, such people do not understand that this is not the time or the place where his comments, advice and remarks were suddenly required.

    They can easily interfere with the conversation of other people, even when he does not touch them in any way, release all sorts of remarks, not even realizing that they can humiliate others, only because of their narrow-mindedness.

    In fact, I feel sorry for such people, because they do not have enough attention and respect from their loved ones, and they start looking for him on the side.

    And they always need viewers and attention, and no matter who it will be, they are huge adherents, which are difficult to get rid of.

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  • I feel sorry for those people who just want to draw attention to themselves because of the lack of it in childhood, for example. But in general it is not very pleasant when a person climbs everything and everyone with his advice and jokes out of place. I communicate with such people with restraint, I try not to let them close, because then you will not get rid of it.

  • I have a bad attitude, especially if they are well-known people, and I know what they really are. And making comments in the presence of strangers is bad form.

  • Playing for the audience (populism) is allowed by those people who suddenly wanted to become beacons for all ships. But they do not become either beacons or compasses.

    The audience often understands, recognizes, turns away and goes home, laughing in a mustache. If this is the case, then those who play to the audience and throw bagels to the audience may change the theme, tone and general purpose of their performances. As if "to be reborn before our eyes." But the audience sees these metamorphoses and again spreads through the apartments, sighing in disappointment.

    It seems to me that this is exactly how one should treat such people. The same as that audience. Careful, attentive, analytical and wise.

    How to treat those who like to play in public?

    Each of us, to one degree or another, can be attributed to the character of this story. We really love it when they listen to us. It seems to us that we are speaking entirely correctly. Perhaps I was just lucky, and I am not offended by anyone's remarks, moralizing. It is difficult for me to make me listen to words that are not interesting to me, all the more it is useless to make me follow other people's instructions. That is why people who play to the audience do not touch me in any way.

    In our life, someone must always perform in front of people, entertain the audience. People looking at this show

    they themselves will choose the words for encouragement. Or they will find the strength to restrain their laughter.

    How to treat those who like to play in public?

    It is possible that the desire for attention is a banal feeling of emptiness in the soul and loneliness. A person only wants to fill his lonely existence, tries to drown out his complexes with loud attempts to express himself on the topic and not on the topic. If someone begins to impose, climbs too much with their instructions and does not understand the words "tact", they treat him like an ordinary boor.

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