How to put a skin in the game ""?

How to put a skin in the game ""?

  • You can change the skin in the "" game when you enter this game in the "Nick" field. At the same time, initially choosing the skin you like or making it yourself. How to make a skin in the game is described here. A list of ready-made skins can be found here.

  • Skins in this game are cruelly tied to a specific player's name. By specifying this specific name before the game in the registration form, you will automatically play with the skin attached to this name.

    You can view the list of names that have skins here, and here - the pictures of the skins themselves with the names attached to them.

    And in this thread forum, game developers accept projects of their own skins from players. The rules for submitting your unique skin are described in the first topic, something like this:

    1. Prepare your drawing in size 512 by 512 points.
    2. The drawing must be unique and not duplicate or replace existing skins.
    3. Upload your drawing to the website:
    4. Add a single answer to this thread forum in the form: Name (nickname), which you have chosen for the picture and a link to the picture.
    5. Wait, maybe we'll add this skin, and don't ask stupid questions :).

  • In the game "", the skin image strictly corresponds to the player's name. Nickname can be changed, which can be done in FFA mode. In the "nickname" field you need to insert the new word that you have chosen. It will be linked to the new drawing.

  • Skin Belarus does not work ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( (((((((((((((((

  • In the browser game "" it is very easy to put the skin. You need to go to the game website and type in the nickname that corresponds to the skin. This will give you a nickname you like. Or you can make the skin yourself and send it to the developer, he will add your skin to the database, you put it.

  • Everything is quite simple. The skin itself is placed at the very beginning of your game, that is, when you enter the parameters. When filling out there is such a field as "Nick" and it is this field that indicates which skin you will have in the game. Write there the name of the one you need and the available skin, go into the game and that's it, the task is ready) It is important to know that you can change the skin only after exiting the game and by entering a different name for the skin in the appropriate field.

  • You shouldn't have any difficulties with changing the skin. If you want to change the skin, then go to the indicated link.

    After the transition, you will see a considerable list of all kinds of skins. Choose the one that suits you and type its name into the column (in the field) Nick. The procedure is simple. Enjoy the game.

  • In order to put a skin in the game "", before starting the game in the field "Nick" you need to enter a certain word, which will be the skin. You can take a list of skins here. Just enter the skin you want and start playing!

  • In this game, each skin image is tied to a name. To change his nickname, the player just needs to enter the FFA mode and change the previous name in the nickname column, for this we insert a certain word that will correspond to the new image.

  • To change the skin in the game, you must first select and remember its name.

    Then go into FFA mode and select the nickname column. Insert the name of the skin there. After that, the skin in the game should be changed.

  • How to put a skin in AGAR.IO

    In order for you to have a skin in the game, you need to enter the FFA game mode.

    Since there are no skins in a team game.

    Next, in the "nickname" line, write one of these names:

    How to put a skin in the game ""?

    As you can imagine, this is quite easy to do.

    Even if there is Doge in the game, your nickname Doge will still give the Doge skin.

    The most popular skins in AGAR.IO:

    Nazi, Doge, Belarus, Russia, USA, hitler, earth, 9gag, ussr, tumblr, moon, satanist, feminism, patriarchy, matriarchy, prodota, steam, stalin, wojak.

    The game is very interesting and has very simple rules, so connect to the players and put Russian skins to distinguish ours) play online

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