How to pay bribes correctly?

How to pay bribes correctly?

  • In our time, it is generally better not to give them) - you can be left without money, and in places not so remote. Although many give so in Russia since antiquity, it has become customary - you will not grease you will not go. They took and will take, as you do not toughen the laws of the Russian mentality is difficult to defeat.

  • If a situation has arisen on which the life of yours or another person may depend and there is no time to wait, but someone rests and insists on a bribe, then I would rather step over the law in this case and would not think how to bribe... At the same time, I would try to record the facts of extortion and the very transfer of the bribe (on camera, dictaphone).

    If this is a household situation and require a large bribe, then you can warn the relevant authorities in advance and they will already decide how to catch the official on this.

    If this is a trifle, then it is better to let the person know directly that there will be no bribes and that he must understand that this is a criminal case. Let him decide questions in a civilized manner or tell you who you should contact to resolve the issue.

    From the definition of the term bribe it is clear that the person who takes or demands it must step over his authority or violate the law and perform a service for the bribe giver. Based on this, gratitude for the work done in the form of a box of chocolates is not a bribe. At the same time, I think that it is quite normal and correct to thank the word "Thank you". Although many believe that if a person is not rewarded with something material, then next time he will not want to help or will do it reluctantly and at random. There is some truth here - this is our mentality. Here, as the instinct suggests, and in the process of communication, you can understand whether it is worth thanking with sweets. I had several cases when a person offered a can of coffee or candy for tea as a sign of gratitude for treating a child, he even got offended or "reprimanded" me that this is how corruption is generated.

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