How to pass 763 level game Planet gems?

How to pass 763 level game Planet gems?

  • The 763rd level of the game assumes finding 48 different stones in 4 moves, we start on the left side just below the middle, first destroy the purple stones, then work with the central stones, then destroy the stones in the lower left corner again, and again the middle. The complete walkthrough, which is very difficult, can be viewed here:

  • The game "Gem Planet" belonging to the genre three in a row was still on the old Dandy. Simple rules, the player is given a number of auxiliary elements (bombs, chameleons, etc.). And so, you can see how to pass 763 level of the Planet of Gems from the video on link ... You need to start from the left side, destroy obstacles and build chains.

  • That overcome level 763 of the game Planet of Gems you will need to fulfill a number of conditions:

    • first, you need to break 48 tiles in 45 moves.
    • this should be done as clearly as possible, that is, to collect large combinations of monochromatic crystals,
    • free up space and use combos and additional gadgets.

    Gem Planet Level 763 Walkthrough Video Walkthrough:

  • When passing the 763rd level of the "Planet of Gems" game, you need to grow five ritual cani for a limited number of operations - forty-eight. We begin to act a little to the left of the center of the field, destroying the vertical row of yellow gems, then form a similar neighboring one (to the right) of purple stones, then another parallel row (again to the right) of blue gems. Next, we act according to this instruction:

  • 763 game level Planet of gems, passage:

    The goal of the level is to break 48 cells in 45 moves.

    All cells are well blocked, first you have to build chains and collect totems, then break totem stones. There are colored blocks hidden under the totem stones and after you remove the colored blocks, you can start destroying the brown cells.

    Video passage:

  • The game "Gem Planet" itself belongs to the old genre, three in a row were collected on the old Dandy consoles. The rules are simple and a lot of additional elements are given - chameleons, bombs, bonuses. However, there is a secret of obtaining crystals and you can watch it step by step in the video below to pass 763 level of the Planet of Gems. We begin our action from the left edge of the field, destroying obstacles and building chains.

  • The goal of the 763rd level of the game "Planet of Gems" is collect five different stones in a limited number of moves - in 48.

    You need to start from the left side of the playing field, first of all, by destroying the vertical row of yellow gems, then we destroy the adjacent row of purple stones and move on to the central row. Next, follow the instructions in the video walkthrough.

    The passage of this level of the game is not very simple, so to make it easier to understand, I advise you to watch this video walkthrough:

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