How to pass 840 level game Planet gems?

How to pass 840 level game Planet gems?

  • To successfully complete the 840 level of the game, you should lower 5 meteorites down. The main obstacle is the ropes. Disposes of them with totems and bombs. We are trying to eliminate the transparent megaboxes and release the zippers. Also, do not forget to open the way down from the totem stones.

  • 840 game level Planet of gems, passage:

    Let's try to lower 5 meteorites down.

    Meteorites will have to be freed from double ropes, for this create bonuses, you can also break ropes with a yellow and blue totem stone.

    Free the lightning from the transparent megaboxes, they can also break the ropes on the meteorites.

    And most importantly, do not forget to destroy the totem stones, otherwise the meteorites will not be able to be removed from the field.

    Video passage:

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