How to make Louboutins with your own hands?

How to make Louboutins with your own hands?

  • Louboutins !!! Paint the soles of your shoes red and the fashionable shoes are ready))) You can paint it with acrylic paint, neatly, so as not to get out of the sole and not stain the shoes themselves, they say you can even use high-quality nail polish, you just need a white varnish. Two coats of white varnish, and after 5-6 words dry with red varnish and now your Louboutins are ready.

    How to make Louboutins with your own hands?

  • find a girl in Louboutins and, with the help of self-persuasion, remove them from not. Sun made by hand without investment

  • Make Louboutins with your own hands straight Louboutins - it will not work, but the similarity is quite possible. You can paint with paint from a spray can, you can paint with acrylic paint with a sponge, layer by layer, neatly, you can actually buy a piece of red patent leather, carefully glue it and cut it off with sharp manicure scissors, I know the glue, which is special handmade, it glues everything to everything , even jewelry stones are glued to them and they do not crumble, this one

    How to make Louboutins with your own hands?

    Patent leather will wear off when walking, so you can find just a red glossy one and immediately buy a larger piece for restoration or re-pasting.

  • The original Louboutins are not cheap, but the need for invention is cunning. What can you do to be "on Louboutins"?

    1. Order shoes with red soles from the Chinese or Poles. It will take an order of magnitude less money, and the visual effect will be good. For example, here: chinese red bottom shoes

    2. Cut a piece out of the red tape to fit the shape of the sole. Clean and degrease the sole, glue a new one, "Louboutin". The method has several disadvantages: fragility, fragility, poor visual effect. But to achieve the goal - to be "on Louboutins" at all costs - will do.

    3. As previous speakers have suggested, you can spray paint the sole on the outsole. On my own I will add that the method is not bad: you can periodically tint the pseudolabutenes.

    I write all this and laugh. Hopefully someone else will cheer up on this post.

    How to make Louboutins with your own hands?

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