How to make a skin in slither io?

How to make a skin in slither io?

  • In the lower left corner there is a Change Skin icon, and among 30 options you can create your own unique multi-colored and motley worm. And to come up with a new skin will not work yet, but soon the developers will be able to provide such an opportunity for the gamer.

  • For now, you can only change the skin. Click on CHANGE SKIN, a window will open and there will be twenty-five suggested skins.

    But I think that soon it will be possible to make skins to your liking.

  • The Android game "slither io" is very similar to its predecessor "". Each time you start a new game, you will have a caterpillar (worm) painted in different colors. However, you can choose a preset - a skin. To do this, click the Change Skin button.

  • This game has only recently appeared and there is still no function in order to make your own skin. And while there is only the opportunity to choose the skin you need for yourself, out of the thirty offered.

    All variants of skins offered to players can be seen by clicking on the button called - Change Skin. Probably later it will be possible to make your own skins, and most likely the developers are already working on this, it usually happens there.

    It just takes time and patience. So it was with Agario's game. If you want to play this new toy online, then you here, here you can find out all the details on the playing field, how one worm survives.

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  • It is not yet possible to put your own skin, since there is simply no such function, you can only choose from the base of skins presented by the developers, there are only 25 of them. The developers promise to add the number of colors for your worm. Good game!

  • It will not work to put your own individual skin, invented by you for the slither io game, since there is no such function. You can only install from the existing base of skins. The game is new, so in the future, the developers plan to create new skins and delight players.

  • In this game you have the opportunity to change the skin. But only you can choose something from the proposed ones. There are twenty-five options in total.

    So, click on the CHANGE SKIN button and choose any one you like.

  • At the moment, the game offers to choose a skin from a limited number of available options - for this you need to click on the "Change Skin" button, and create an author's worm until it works out - perhaps this function will be added later.

  • It is not yet possible to make your own skin in a game called slither io, I think in the future the game developers will provide such an opportunity. In the meantime, you can change the skin by choosing from the options offered by the game. To do this, just click on the button with the name Change Skin and start choosing the option you like.

  • You won't be able to make your own skin in the game. Also at the moment, since the game is new, there is no series of skins on the network that could be downloaded and uploaded to the toy.

    I am convinced that in the future the skins will definitely be replenished as it was with the related game

    At the moment, it remains to rejoice at the choice of worm colors that the developer himself offers.

    How to make a skin in slither io?

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