Why do you think they steal in Russia?

Why do you think they steal in Russia?

  • Not only in Russia they steal and do it in other countries. It's just that they steal here on a large scale than in other countries. It's just that we have a lot to steal. And they also say that the fish rots from the head. They steal from government to ordinary workers. If only the authorities took on this matter more brutally. I think they would steal less. For example, on the black continent, a hand is cut off for theft. And here you can avoid jail for theft.

  • Because the authorities are mostly bandits and thieves. If suddenly an honest person comes into politics, then he will have to either steal too, or answer for his honesty with his head. He will simply be destroyed, physically or politically. Because "he himself does not eat, and does not give to others" (he himself does not steal and prevents others from doing it). Well, who are ordinary people guided by? To the stars and politicians. They mean smart and take everything that is bad, but where are we, fools, with our honesty, at the bottom of our lives or what?

  • The answer to the question - why do they steal in Russia? - given in humoresque, which is attached to the question.

    "It is not profitable to be honest" - so it was said in the humoresque.

    They steal not only in Russia. And this question is deeper, requires consideration not only on the examples of this humoresque by Shirvindt and Derzhavin.

    I agree with New Komintern forever /

    Now they steal everywhere, and not only in Russia, since now the financial system is arranged this way.

    Why do they steal? Because you can do it and go unpunished.

  • There are many reasons, but I believe that the main ones are three.

    1. Because it "lies badly" (lack of proper control and legal nihilism).
    2. Mutual guarantee (hand washes hand).
    3. Poverty.

    Well, not everyone steals. For example, I don’t steal.

  • Russian folk morality did not condemn theft. If the government is always alien to the people, if nothing depends on you, if you have no rights and they rob you as best they can, but you have to live somehow. The people were in a state of slavery, and slavery forms slaves. customs and ideas - to steal - the distance of a slave. This is feeding and self-affirmation and entertainment and revenge. Under the Great Peter, when all the good went to the fleet and the army, but for the luxury of the capital, you will only get what you need by stealing. By the way, the Pomors and the first Siberians, the white bone of the Russian nation, did not know theft, it was not established. There lived people free, with their minds, responsible for themselves, and if anything, the law is taiga, the prosecutor is a bear.

  • It is not only Russians who steal, but Russians, or rather Soviet ones, I steal because it has been so since Soviet times. True, then this was done mainly out of protest against the ruling system that replaced Christianity. For the same reason, the attitude towards criminals was completely different - they were respected more than the authorities.

    Now they steal because they are used to it and because they do not know that they bring damnation not only on themselves, but also on their descendants, and on their country.

  • Theft (theft) is an essential attribute of any class society. Private property, competition and crime are inextricably linked phenomena.

    On the other hand ... What kind of debility is this? The ugly thesis "everyone steals" is simply inconsistent with anything.

    For something to be stolen, it must first be created, done. Money and wealth do not grow on trees. Thieves cannot be creators of material goods, they do not produce anything. Therefore, not everyone steals. And it has no global, systemic significance. Even the most unbridled apartment and pickpocketing, attacks on collectors are incomparable in scale with economic processes, with economic activities.

    Why do you think they steal in Russia?

  • They steal, and thank God. It's just that Russia still has something to steal, while in others, apparently, everything has already been stolen. Or there are simply few Russian people with their intelligence. In any case, as long as there is something to steal in Russia, it will not will be lost.

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