What are the forms of government?

What are the forms of government?

  • Unitary state - do not have signs of sovereignty

    The federal state is a union state, its subjects are state formations and have signs of sovereignty - this is India, Russia and the United States can be an example.

    A confederate state is a union of sovereign states, such a free state

  • You can simply list:

    monarchy, absolute monarchy, limited monarchy, anarchy, constitutional monarchy, democracy, partocracy, unitary state, federation, confederation, autonomy, colonial rule, totalitarianism, oligarchy (we have Seven Boyars and nobility in Italy), there are also smaller and rare ones, but they are usually subspecies of the main ones.

  • What are the forms of government?

    There are three forms of government: unitary, federation, confederation. The first form refers to simple and mono-states belong to this form. Federation and confederation of the state are constituent. Russia (a federation, several subjects) can be cited as an example. A confederation differs from a federation in the degree of freedom of its constituent entities (as an example of the CIS), the European Union.

  • Unitary, Federative, Confederate :)

  • Unitary state, federation and confederation

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