What wise grandmother's sayings can you share?

What wise grandmother's sayings can you share?

  • "Who is the person who stated:" The number of livestock is growing! "- an optimist or a pessimist?"

    "In the morning all gray cats are normal."

    "Little dog to death puppy".

    "I believe - I believe every animal, but a hedgehog, I can!"

  • And my grandmother used to say: "Eat while your mouth is fresh!" (I mean, as long as there are teeth and desire)

  • In general, there are a lot of wise, grandmother's sayings, but I will cite only those that my grandmother often repeats. For example, when my mother is not happy with my girlfriend and starts to tell me something about her, then my grandmother (if present during this conversation) says: "leave it all, it doesn't matter "the night cuckoo will eat the day cuckoo"... And mom immediately calms down. Even my grandmother, if she suddenly "sowed" (lost) money somewhere, she always says this "Thank you God for taking money, not health or life."... If, for example, she asks me to do something and I say that "I'm sorry now I can't," she always says "I can not, does not exist, say that you just do not want or do not know how"... Once, as usual, having gathered together, my whole family began to tell me that it was time for me to get married (this often happens, although I am not yet thirty years old). They say you will be left alone, no one needs you, your girlfriend will leave you too ... I began to say that a good man will never disappear. No matter how old he was. What my grandmother said "good men are dismantled as puppies, and you will play out and remain an old dog"... At first I was somehow offended, but then I broke into laughter. Everyone started laughing and took my side, like it's still young, it's too early to get married. And the grandmother then said "do not be offended by the granddaughters, I specifically said so that they would leave you alone, the time will come to get married and said another phrase "To marry is not to attack, the main thing in marriage is not to be lost"... Here is such a good grandmother, with her sayings, sayings. And she speaks all this in the language in which the whole village speaks. A cross between Russian and Ukrainian, we call it Khokhlyatsky.

    What wise grandmother's sayings can you share?

  • Well, just a great question!)

    1- The wine came in; the secret came out;

    2- With money it is not as good as it is bad without it;

    3- Fear the goat in front, the horse behind, the fool from all sides;

    4- From a distance all the people are not bad;

    5- Good silence is more difficult than speaking well.

    6- The one who goes to bed early has the Firebird.

    He will get up early and go away (talking about picking berries, mushrooms, herbs).

  • My grandmother is 90 years old, and she has a lot of statements, there is an answer to any question. Most likely not even statements, but instructions. For example: "Give birth to many, at least three. Children will be friendly and close-knit. Otherwise, they will give birth to one, grow up and boast - here, I, they say, brought up." Or, for example, be hard-working, patience and work will grind everything. When a person is busy with work, he does not have time for stupid thoughts and actions. "Take care of bread, bread is the head of everything." Or "You need to eat a little, do not overdo it." Exercise in the morning, sometimes drink some good vodka for medical purposes "))

  • The wisest grandmother of my husband, knowing about my troubles with my mother-in-law (e daughter), always told me: "Either the elder or the clever will keep silent." My husband's grandmother and I loved each other very much. I am very sorry that there is no more. Fond memory.

  • My grandmother taught me: Know yourself! This means that first of all in life you need to think about your actions and words. Do not discuss or judge other people. Try to do everything so that you are not ashamed in front of your parents and children. It helps in both work and personal life.

  • 1)Do not repent, getting up early and getting married young. (In the sense, who started a family early - it is good for him, and he himself is still able, both children and grandchildren are adults).

    2)Not a single mother has yet regretted having given birth. And anyone who had an abortion, at least once, regretted it.

    3)Bad (insane) asks: "Did the drunk fall asleep?" (I mean, even psychos are afraid of drunks.)

    4) And you do not argue with a drunk, you tell a sober one. (About the fact that it is not necessary to find out the relationship with a drunk man).

    5)Affectionate calf - feeds from two queens.(More can be done with kindness and affection.)

    6)Don't listen to gossip. If they want to discuss it, they will find out why. You do as you need to: you - to live, and they only thresh with tongues.

    7)Know how to say, but be able to keep silent.

    8)What was on the mind of the sober, the whole village in the morning after the drunkenness will find out.

    9)What I ate is not to be seen. But what he put on - you can see! (About the fact that, no matter how difficult it is, you need to make good, and not just work for the toilet.)

    10 )He is not yet a friend who helped in trouble, but a friend who did not envy in joy. (About the fact that people sometimes like to be friends with those who have problems: to "help" them and seem more successful against their background. And as soon as things get better, such friends begin to envy, negotiate and try to upset success, so that the friend again has the reputation of a failure .)

  • Small children don't let you sleep, but with big ones you won't fall asleep yourself.

    Love like a soul, shake like a pear!

    Not the worm you eat, but the worm that eats you.

  • Whoever gets up early, to that God dates. At 70, my grandmother got up at 4-5 in the morning. We'll sleep off in the next world. Sit in the mud, you will be a prince. When planting vegetables in the country, everything was three times more than what was needed with a saying: for myself, for the poor, for the thief. Do not judge and you will not be judged. Trust in God, but do not make a mistake yourself.

  • Get up, whoever gets up early, God gives him, but yesterday a neighbor got up early and found a wallet.

    -Yeah, then whoever lost him got up even earlier.

    Old people used to say, “That movement is life”

    But the most interesting thing was given to everyone by the well-known Vanga, she advised her greedy sister, “Don't want a lot, it won't pay off,” I think this applies to everyone.

  • I remembered the parable retold by my grandmother and his summary-conclusions from this parable: "... In a very cold winter, the sparrow froze so much that he fell down on the road ... A cow walked, she generously laid out a hot cake on top of the sparrow, he warmed up and even chirped happily, and the cat was right there, - she grabbed the sparrow and ate ... "Summary:"It is not always the enemy who will screw you up, and not always the friend who will get you out of the shit, and if you are already sitting in the shit, then do not tweet) " The grandmother thus spoke about the ambiguity of events in the world. And the grandmother of my children, my mother, had a saying - a straw husband is better than golden children... These words have been successfully confirmed by real life.

  • My beloved, old aunt taught to behave, not forcing people to jump around her, this is such a meaning of translation from the Tatar language, and the phrase sounded in two words "Do not cap people." I have been guided by these phrases all my life.

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