What car does "Foma" have in the series "Fizruk"?

What car does Foma have in the Fizruk TV series?

  • Foma (Dmitry Nagiyev), a physical education teacher, has a pretty cool car that costs a lot of money. Correctly such a car is called - Mercedes Gelendvagen. In the series, he calls him affectionate - Gelik.

  • In the series "Fizruk" Dmitry Nagiyev's character drives a black Mercedes-Benz G-class car. The letter "G" is an abbreviation for the German word "Gelendvagen". "Foma" himself calls the car "Gelik".

    Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a real SUV, which is produced from the 1979 of the year to the present. A very serious and brutal car that will not leave indifferent any man.

    What car does Foma have in the Fizruk TV series?

  • Foma (Oleg Evgenievich) in the series "PHIZRUK", of course, has the coolest car - a Mercedes Gelenvagen.

    Fizruk affectionately calls him Gelik.

    And Tatiana called him a German hearse after he said to her car - a Japanese Zaporozhets.

  • Lovely and fashionable machine. This model has not been improved over its entire existence. As for me, it is much better and more comfortable than the Porsche sports car.

    I would love to go to this, although in city traffic it is not very convenient.

    I like this kind of Gelik)

    What car does Foma have in the Fizruk TV series?

    Agree, he's cool!

  • The physical education teacher Thomas (Oleg Fomin) has a black Mercedes Gelendvagen car. He himself calls him tenderly Gelik. This is such a kiddy car. Executive, cool, expensive. For Nagiyev’s character, it’s just part of his own personality, not a means of transportation.

    What car does Foma have in the Fizruk TV series?

  • Foma’s car from the Fizruk series on TNT is called Mercedes-Benz Gelendvagen, in the original Mersedes-Benz Gelandewagen, a class G car, a powerful, reliable SUV, fully matches the image of Foma.

  • What car does "Foma" have in the "Fizruk" TV series on TNT? It's very simple, Foma has a real gangster car. Serious and brutal, just like its owner. Namely - this is a Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen (Mercedes Benz Gelendvagen). And among the people it is simply - Gelek.

  • According to my husband’s opinion, Thomas has the best car in the world, the cherished dream of all men! This is Mercedes Gelenvagen, from can cost from 2 million rubles - used to 12 million rubles! Recently, this car was featured in another series from TNT - in the series Real Boys Sergey Ivanovich also had a Mercedes Gelenvagen.

  • Mercedes - Gelentvagen, this is a subtle hint.

    Such cars are produced for military needs and some of them are put on sale - they have a military design and are quite simple.

    The hint is that it was precisely these cars that our brotherhood really liked and he emphasizes their status, although there is a car that is more expensive and with a new design.

    Gelentvagen, as the authors of the series correctly understood, emphasizes the coolness and weight of Thomas.

  • Thomas has a Gelendvagen car (Gelik, as he calls it)

  • In season 1, the physical trainer drives a Mercedes Gelenvagen. According to preliminary information, the car of the physical education instructor in the second season will be already different - Hummer H2. Let's wait until autumn, find out exactly what car the hero will drive.

  • In the TV series "Fizruk" Foma has a real bandit armored car on wheels Gelendvagen (Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen). In the late 90s, early 00s, such a car said a lot about its owner. fits well with the hero Thomas.

    What car does Foma have in the Fizruk TV series?

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