What's the best way to demonstrate?

What's the best way to demonstrate?

  • If this is a question from the Field of Miracles game, then the correct answer is EXAMPLE! But it can be demonstrated by other methods as well. For example a presentation or story. When I read the question, I associated the demonstration with a rally.

  • The correct answer to the question of the game Field of Miracles will be EXAMPLE... Of course, when you tell and explain something with specific examples, the information is better assimilated, understood, and most importantly, seeing real examples, the degree of trust increases.

  • The question is formulated in a rather interesting way, so the answer seems to be spinning in my head and in the language, but it just can't work out.

    It is best to demonstrate something on a personal, your own, and not a copied EXAMPLE.

    The answer should contain an EXAMPLE.

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